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  1. You can shoot between 0 to 150km/h (possible up to 180km/h), cf MAT/8712
  2. Fais des screenshots, ce sera plus parlant. Tu changes bien le type d'unité que tu veux entre sam, blindés et autres ?
  3. You need a trigger with searchlight ON or OFF in action
  4. Amazing ! Really good job :thumbup:
  5. Thanks a lot, very useful :thumbup:
  6. Not really. West : UH-1H; SA 342M,L East : Mi-8; Ka-50 Both side attack & transport helo. With Mi-24, only one more for east.
  7. Hope to see the same hype and mini update videos as we saw for F-18 and -16.
  8. Oh, maybe a bug. "Group AI ON/OFF" works, not sure to have a better solution.
  9. Did you use the latest version ? You have to put offset, check the video. it's explain.
  10. It was just an exemple. Up to you to change it as you need
  11. Look at this exemple. Enter the zone, you get message "in zone". Leave the zone, message "out zone" and you can repeat each time you enter/leave the zone. Should work as you need. in_out_zone.miz
  12. Nice work mate, works like a charm in MP :thumbup:
  13. No problem in SP, only in MP. I tried to stay spectator before select a role but no luck. Do you want to try by yourself or a video ?
  14. As Yurgon said, Caucasus, Mind Voldy, all parking spot. Your script works well anyway, all helos spawn. I just tried with Mozdok; same problem. I don't fall, it's just like i spawn on the static. swapr_TEST.miz
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