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    Lock On, 3d modelling (i suck but who cares :P), ps2, THIS FORUM, wakeboarding, rugby union, tennis
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  1. You can update by going here: http://lockon.co.uk/index.php?end_pos=135&scr=products&lang=en and downloading the update or pack you want :)
  2. Cool lookin' model. i'd have a dig at some of the animations if i get time from *cough* other projects ;)
  3. What afterburner is that in the screens everyone is fighting over? :)
  4. My god. My first reaction was - Helghast. Anyone else played Killzone? .. yeah you guys know what I mean... Look it up. :-|
  5. sp0nge


    I bet thats like a sub-marine launched missile and they've put a CGI F-15 on top. im proud of myself thinking all that up. Gee.. all that thinking makes me tired. :D
  6. Welcome to the lockon forums, probably one of the most friendly communities out there definitely. So you wont have any trouble finding some help. :) Why don't you download Hyperlobby and get flying on there, meet some new people, get some pointers and anything else you need to know? there are heaps of great tutorials and stuff over at Flanker Training: http://flankertraining.com/ironhand/index.html if you're like me and you dont have an infinite amount of downloads then you might get a taste of traffic shaping when you go to flankertrainin as the videos are pretty huge. (I wonder if someone could render these out as wmv and upload them to youtube) Flankertraining should get you most of the basics :)
  7. a picture tells 1000 words huh. More like 1,000,000. thats a massive jump for graphics of the Ah-64a
  8. Well said Nesher, I agree. Cool ya jets FaithMan, no need to do that. :)
  9. :shocking: i could eat it :D
  10. Who hacks an online squadrons website. Come on...
  11. success! :) Cheers Zaelu. Now I will resolve issue one hopefully by using the method in the second post.. for now I will be back soon!! Adios.
  12. Issue 2 was not fixed using that method unfortunately. I see that you can modify the LOD clipping thing in LOcfg. I upped it to 2.0 and it didn't work either
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