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  1. Aren't they supposed to light up when they hit the ground??
  2. I thought that ED has close ties to "The fighter collection". (also see their logo on top of this page :thumbup:) You know, the guys who have the biggest spitfire collection on earth? :music_whistling:
  3. Lucky? The P40 is on presale for ages now. I don't think any of their other projects will be seen for at least five years.
  4. Yeah, it is recommended to set-up flight controls while not airborne. ;) A sink rate of 4m/s or more while attemping a hover will result in VRS. Watch the VSI...
  5. Wheelbrake solution for Warthog owners ;) https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=160749
  6. Makes those pesky groundcrew wanna think twice before deciding NOT to hook my slingload. :D
  7. The stock campaign is reall good. But it was made before we had the sling-load option. And probably they'll add something to do for the side-gunners in any of the new campaigns as well.
  8. It is not the plane that wins the fight. It is the pilot. ;) Anyways. Dogfights against MiG-15's, L-39's and other subsonic stuff should be a fair match. If you can dodge the radar and missiles, you can attempt the modern fighter jets. But a lot of skill would be required. But really, the Hawk is not for combat.
  9. Why have two seperate axis for rudder control when you can easily use one pedal for the rudder as well. As is the case with the Erco-415 Ercoupe. :D
  10. Me too. So far only the MiG-21 is affected...
  11. I agree. The grease you mentioned seems to be for metalic machine parts. Not plastic stuff that dissolves in mineral oils. Use a PTFE or Teflon based grease that is safe for plastic. (also no silicone grease, altough opinions vary on this matter)
  12. Cool stuff. Really great background information on general module-making as well. Could do without the noise of the people in the background...
  13. A payload mod is not se difficult to do. Would this be an improvement to the current IR missiles we have?
  14. DCS reads all input devices that Windows does. I imagine you will have a problem on a really old PC with an ancient windows version. I have 4 USB input devices apart from my wireless mouse/keyboard, TrackIR (and headset) I use Windows 10. Win7 will be fine as well. I dunno about earlier windows incarnations. But I don't think DCS will run on earlier windows at all. Rewiring switches may not as easy as it sounds. I think it is too fiddly. But it is defenitly do-able. And HAT swtiches can be repurposed to 4 or 8 independant switches. I dunno what the Siatek software will do when it 'misses' switches.
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