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  1. Thanks ChillNG for the fast response! Yes, i was planning on doing this Campaign in the Warthog first and then repeat it in the Tank Killer, cause i know once i get used to the Tank Killer i will never go back, missions are much easier with it If i encounter anything else i will post. Cheers!
  2. Thanks for the resopnse, i actually know what happens next because i have the first four loose trial missions from a while ago, so i know the airport explosion is not triggering, i have tried the mission now 3 times doing different things but i will check one more time breaking formation and getting closer to Al Minhad.
  3. Hi, first of all congratulations for the great Campaign! So, im stuck in Mission 3, flight to Al Minhad, i take off, rendevouz at waypoint 1, do the formation flying until i switch to Al Minhad Freq, then we are told to get into flight pattern at angels 5 and then Davy and Mono keep in the pattern endlessly! I then land by my own but logically as i dont trigger something its always a fail? Any thoughts? By the way its in the A-10C
  4. Also seeing those random black boxes and shapes, as far as i have noticed they only appear where there are clouds.
  5. Been using defender for last 5-6 years. Very satisfied with it.
  6. Just want to say thankyou, very useful info.
  7. rajdary


    Thankyou ED for the new clouds and the new lighting, its a new sim! As always my gratitude will be in the form of buying some new module and/or new campaigns.
  8. Yes i totally agree, seems like anything with white light is excesively bright.
  9. .....and a year after do we have to seriously understand that this project is dead?
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