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  1. Yeap, that's Rudel's personal channel. He streams doing dev work, or used to, on twitch too.
  2. DCS is heavily CPU bound, and is thread limited currently. You want more frames? Time for a CPU upgrade. Your AMD FX-8120 is pretty old after all, being from 2013. It's very long in the tooth. I sacked my FX-8150 off 3-ish years ago for a Ryzen 2700x, and that's was eclipsed rapidly as AMD made approx a 33% increase in single thread performance on the following generation of chips. Even the budget end of the current AMD processors are much faster: Eg, a basic 6 core Ryzen 5 5600x is literally more than twice as fast as your 8120. https://cpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/AMD-Ryzen-5-5600X-vs-AMD-FX-8120/4084vsm173 I know you said you're not in a position to upgrade currently, but them's the breaks unfortunately.
  3. Buzzles


    There's an entire subforum for it? https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/28-espanol/
  4. Dear god man, is there no low you won't sink to?!
  5. I suspect all 3rd party aircraft will have to be updated when ED make their new damage model's api available for 3rd party devs. AFAIK, ED haven't yet made it available.
  6. There was a rating system on User Files, but it was turned off/removed by ED a little while back after some abuse. Best place to look is the missions subform now.
  7. Close, that was the Yak-52. ED were commissioned to make it. The CE was built because Magnitude 3 wanted to make a prop aircraft before they started on the Corsair to get some more experience and build up tools.
  8. Or just get rid of them completely, if you're talking about the main menu row.
  9. DCS's core engine is already C++. Are you aware that pretty much every game engine has seperate timing loops for the rendering loop and the 'game' loop? It's basically the default design where they execute the game loop at a desired target rate (ie, 30 times a second), and any spare cycles are given over to rendering. You'd not want to strongly couple script execution with the game loop either, and I'd expect the scripting engine loop in DCS to be seperate and have it's own timing window. You don't want the scripting to slow down game loop. You'd normally only do external script execution only a few times per second too. At which point given such big windows, executing in a couple of ms in c++ vs a few tens of ms in lua makes no difference, both are just executed once in the window. One is definitely easier to code and maintain though, and offers more flexibility for non devs.
  10. @upyr1, ou're forgetting that what you, or I, want has no bearing on what's getting made by the devs. Our only choice is whether we buy the one they make, and lets be honest, for everyone saying "I only want x", you'll likely buy *any* version, especially if the reviews say it's good and it ends up on sale. In the mean time, might be worth taking a leaf out of Victory205's frequent point, and start practicing those flying skills rather than posting, so we can properly fly it when it's out.
  11. fwiw, upper or lowercase doesn't matter. Especially not on a Windows machine (windows isn't case sensistive). If you ever want to have a good idea of what the folder name should be, look inside: ../DCS/Mods/aircraft/[an aircraft]/entry.lua The F86 one is a bit messy, as it refers to itself sometimes as 'F-86F' and others as 'F-86F Sabre', but the key thing is the 'make_flyable' line. The first arg is actually defining the module name, and ED's hookup code that checks in MyDocuments/SavedGames.... runs off that from what I can tell The Sabre's: make_flyable('F-86F Sabre',current_mod_path..'/Cockpit/Scripts/',F86FM,current_mod_path..'/comm.lua') -- AFM Hence why despite the main folder being just F-86, the game is told it is defined as 'F-86F Sabre' so the engine looks for folders with that in MyDocs/....
  12. I get where you're coming from, but DLSS requires Nvidia's Tensor technology, it's hardware based. Ergo, it's a non starter unless they offer that out to AMD/Amd vendors. FSR already works across cards and older stuff too. Harks back the days of Physx hardware acceleration, where we had the hardware version on a specific card (Nvidia) vs the non accelerated software version running on cpu's. Guess which one won out in the end...
  13. Isn't the Caucaus map also supposed to be of the mid 90's / early 2000's time frame? Hence the reason why we've got certain military airbases in it which have now since been abandoned/decommissioned? It wasn't modern day previously, unless ED decided to change it in the last revamp.
  14. Why bother implementing DLSS, which only works on Nvidia hardware, when AMD's offering (FSR) works on both AMD and Nvidia hardware? Either way, for those that are interested and need a tl;dr version of the tech: DLSS+FSR is just a clever trick. Some clever engineer worked out it's quicker and less resource intensive to render at lower resolution and upscale, than it is to just render at the higher resolution. That's it. Nvidia do some very clever AI based upscaling, but at a high level, that's all it does.
  15. I'd suggest you have a go at applying the principles of Occam's Razor to things like this.
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