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  1. I suggest you head on over to the Discord server for help. And you need to be more specific than "I can't get it to work".
  2. Please create an issue on Github and explain when this happens. Also post your profile.
  3. I suggest you head on over to Discord too and ask F-14B pilots there.
  4. Can you head on over to our Discord server? Easier to exchange info via chat.
  5. OK so if you configure "A" it produces 2 A's? Is it when using VK_NULL? edit: I've been testing here and it does seem to work? What could it be, are anyone else having these problems?Check your profile, post the relevant part of the profile here. Fallen_Tyrael, you can test by opening Notepad and while clicking see how many letters are produced, for example letter A. I don't have a problem here so atm I don't know what is going on.
  6. I did a release with a new key value named VK_NULL. This key doesn't do anything and with it you can do what you described. Of course you can use the OEM or what is was. Report if there are any problems using it. This is the easiest way for me, instead of having texts for single key stroke. That would mean more programming.
  7. Thanks for the information! Had no idea about that aspect. Yes will change it so that the user will be asked whether to use pre-programmed radio or not.
  8. What I see is one (1) virtual key stroke. If you there would save and exit the key sequence window DCSFP would treat it as a single virtual keystroke, not a keysequence. Try adding 2 virtual keys to a sequence and save. Does it look the same then too?
  9. If you start adding a key sequence but you end up with just one entry (change of mind), DCSFP will treat it as a simple virtual key stroke and there won't be any need for Break(s).
  10. Right Click on the field only offers to change timing, and not to edit the sequence Break means the time it will wait before executing the virtual key press. Look at the screenshot for this sequence: RadioPanelKeyDialPos{LowerDME}\o/{1LowerCOM1}\o/OSKeyPress{INFORMATION=^Key press sequence^[FiftyMilliSec,VK_A,FiftyMilliSec][FiftyMilliSec,VK_B,FiftyMilliSec][FiftyMilliSec,VK_B,FiftyMilliSec]} This is how it is saved into the file.
  11. Hello and thanks for the donation. :) I am working on DCSFP fixes today and yes this is a bug. I found the problem. This generic radio panel should now send DCS-BIOS commands. I will make a release asap.
  12. Not much out there but it isn't difficult making formulas if they are linear. Just look at the value from DCS-BIOS while flying and format accordingly. There is also the formula sandbox in DCSFP. HTH
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