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  1. Well i ordered my WH and it was delivered whan stated, unfortunately my wife took it off me because I stupidly said it was Xmass present
  2. What I dont undersatnd is the secretive path these people take with both DCS and the TM Wart Hog. FFS why dont they just give us some release dates so we can at least look forward to it especially now its so close. We have not even been told if the estimated release date of this month still holds. Infact the key-commands/DCS A10 manual and the WHHOTAS should be released at least 10 days before the SIM itself so we can have everything programmed and set up so taking to the skies is instant. :pilotfly: Knowledge over others especially of this sort gives people power rushes and its the only efffing reason its kept so secretive. :mad: This kind of crap makes me want to go out and buy a Wireless logitech Wing Commander that comes bundled with F16 Agressor.:megalol:
  3. I found another post about turning Aero on in windows 7. Once I did this my frame rate jumped back up to 40FPS. Am i correct in saying people were getting much better performance in terms of FPS before patch 1.02?
  4. I turned on Aero and my FPS went back up to 40fps. Go figure, I never would have thought of that
  5. Hey Guys this is the exactly the same problem I am having. My FPS is stuck around 18-20 when I run 2 monitors. I see you have a fix but I have no idea what Earo is? I am running Win 7 not Vista. cheers
  6. Yup checked again and its definately somthing restricting performance and regardless of settings very HIGH or set to absolute minimum the FPS just sits around 18-20. Would the size of the gun camera on the second screen make a big difference i wonder? Oh BTW although the second monitor is 1280x1024 native res, I am running it at 1024x768.
  7. Hi, Recently I set up a second monitor to run the abris and the Gun Cam on as well as BSVP ver.1.1 Got everything working fine but my frame rate is terrible. System Specs - Core 2 E8500 WC-O/c to 4400Ghz. 4 gig Ram - 285 Gforce 1 Meg card - Raptor 10K hard Drive. Monitor 1 = Samsung 26" Native Res 1920x 1200 second Monitor Touch Screen 17" Native res 1280x1024. When I run BS on one monitor I get around 55-65 FPS dependent on weather and activity in the mission. Some missions with heavy loads it will drop to 40FPS which is understandable. When i set up the second monitor with the gun cam and the abris running along side BSVP my frame rate drops to 18-20 and in multiplayer it drops to 10-12. I would expect a second screen to suck up some FPS but not 60% of them. The funny thing is even if i reduce the visuals to LOW the frame rate is the same. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  8. I have not had the chance to load up Kpals profi,es yet and i down laoded the Touchpal.exe again just incase the file was damaged. VER.4.0. I will let you know if everything works out ok.
  9. Kpaw, your a gentleman. Thank you so much.
  10. My latest creation the desk top cockpit. More wife friendly than the full size version and can be easily and quickly packed into the car if trouble breaks out and a run for it is needed. Note the 7ltr Draft Beer tender next to the rudder pedals. Heineken reaches parts no other beer can, and being a silent flow tap the wife cannot hear how many you have had which is not the case when you have to keep going to the fridge. Takes a while to learn how to pull a pint with your toes though. The second 17 inch monitor runs Touchpal and is a touch screen monitor. The sticks you see are the classic F22/TQS HOTAS with Bob Churches Digital chips. 13 years of fine service they have provided me and which I did manage to get working with WINDOWS 7.
  11. Hi Kpaw, Thanks very much indeed. Please ignor my last post I tried the download several times and in the end I got it. Thanks
  12. For some reason the Touchpal EXE seems to stop reponding when ever i try to execute it. I have been throught he posts and the only apparent fix I could find was to make sure the Touchpal exe was in the right Documents/touchpal folder. I already had this correct but still no joy. Running Win 7 Thanks
  13. Does anyone have the Touchpal Templates that Kpaw made back in December. 1280x1024 res. The link seems to be broken. I PM'd him but no reply. Thanks to anyone who can help.
  14. Does anyone have any links to Touchpal or Touchbuddy templates fro DCS Black Shark that are in 1280x1024 res. Kpaw posted a couple of nice screens up with a link to then but the link is hosed. Does anyone have a copy of those they could send to me maybe. Thanks in advance.
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