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  1. just put a semicolon first in the second line of opencomposite ini then if I remember well you'll se a error on line 7, make the same thing, I didn't try to delete the file, but think in the latest versions are no longer needed. In fact I have no longer the file in my dcs bin folder
  2. I posted somewher this solution, it works for me, is a little dificult to change my muscle memory to pus down instead of push only but works perfect for me, now I am capable to control the beast more accurate .
  3. It says the video is private te, can´t see it
  4. Same happens to me, I discovered that usually puts my finger in the cameras when I catch my headset to put it on my heda, cleaned them with a glass mop cleaner solved some of the issues, till I figured out how much light dependant are the reverb g2. In a room with very low light levels doesn´t work well, so I must play with lights on and monitor off
  5. Recently I discovered an asignation to my brake pedals to use it like rudder, more accurate, you must only assign linear imput to both brake pedals in the rudder tab and invert one of them, making sure your y saturation is at 50. Post some images. The only hard thing is to remember push pedals instead apply force to the ruder. Requires new muscle memory. But works better than my thustmaster rudder axis.
  6. sometimes happens to me with my 3080 ti, I solve it unpluggin and pluggin into the usb port, I noticed that in most cases happens when I plug first my joysticks devices and then try to connect the hmd, so, first I open WMR portal and then plug mi devices.
  7. please, can you point or make a screenshot of the params in your necksafer main configurarion? just for use it well
  8. Hey , you MUST put TWO "-" not one...this is the problem, two --, I see you only typed one. Don't give uo and try this,
  9. Instead of launching through Skatezillas, I create a direct acess on my desktop (OPEN XR Dcs World Openbeta) for example, point it to the dcs.exe file in your bin main game folder and write after the slash --force_enable_VR, so it always launch in VR mode. The only thing that you must remember is, everytime than DCS actualices (see the web) launch the DCS_updater.exe to download the new version.
  10. Hello, two stupid questions First : Did you play with VR, because is the only way to use leapmotion in dcs Second : If the first answer is yes, copy the last leapC.dll from your main gemini installation folder to the bin folder of your main dcs installation, them try to enable the leap motion and all the stuff (see arms , no cursor etc). I repeat, It only works if you have an VR device and of course you check on in the main properties of the visualizer the "change to hmd mode when VR launched" or something like that. Hope this helps you
  11. Just put your cursor mouse above the red indication, It will show you what are in confilct with, mos often you have assigned in the ui control layer some axis to other function.... UI layer is master over the other controls layers....hope this helps
  12. In my rig, this happens only with the apache and the hind modules, I have a very decent rtx 3080ti 12Gb and 64gb pc RAM , The only solution I find to solve this is running this two modules with medium settings in textures (there is a AH 64 cockpit mod that works fine in this settings. In medium textures setting the apache cockpit is (in my reverb g2 ) same as with high textures (can`t see difference) but never found the issue again. Hope it helps
  13. Say the same as I said, "my reverb g2 does not starts, I have a black screen in the device no matter what I do (tryed all solutions) I think is a cable issue", they are very reasonable with this...
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