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  1. I believe the L-39 is also in dire need of a graphical pass. Since PBR has been introduced to the rendering engine I don't think the cockpit textures have been revisited and it lacks proper PBR layers/materials (roughness/metal). It once had relief and specular/shininess effects on every surfaces and it's been one of the first aircraft to display fake (dynamic and subtle) glass reflections on the instruments. Everything has been disabled since unfortunately and I would assume that it's been very low on the list since it's not a money-maker. Maybe it's at least possible to mod the materials/rendering and improve some aspects. It would just be a mod though.
  2. This sounds great. Thanks for reporting it's now finally fixed! @Erforce
  3. The problem is fixed. I kept troubleshooting and testing and a DCS Repair finally fixed the issue. Whatever was interfering has been eradicated ;) (FWIW I wasn't using any mods, just liveries and a few textures tweaks) ED's support has been notified and the related ticket is closed.
  4. @Aerogator Hi! I was configuring a combination of SCG-L and MCG (both Pro/Premium), and using the pinky on the MCG as modifier, there's an issue with the SCG-L thumb 4-way hat. That's a DCS issue. Software. (As far as I can tell) What doesn't work: - assigning pinky + any of the 4-way hat directions to trigger a command in DCS (tested on the Su-27 and F-16C) What works: - assigning the pinky + 4-way hat push button on the SCG-L: actually triggers the command correctly - other combinations (I configured) using the MCG pinky and SCG-L buttons work - single 4-way hat button (SCG-L) without using a modifier also work I managed to get the same combinations correctly working with Cliffs of Dover, Tobruk. X-Plane and MSFS do not allow those combinations so I didn't get to test the same configurations. I'm not sure where to report this and you might be more directly connected to ED's tech staff. I'm using VKB DC v0.90.77 and v1.977 (MCG) and v1.97E (SCG) firmwares. I'll make sure to update my software and firmware versions later and report back if anything changes. ---- Using the SCG-L without the springs work formidably well as a modern throttle control btw ;) Thanks to VKB-Sim build quality and programming capabilities! ---- EDIT: firmwares and software updated to the latest versions - no change Ticket also sent to ED (customer support) to report the issue.
  5. -- wrong thread, sorry ;) -- @mods: Please delete this message
  6. Thanks for the link @FoxTwo! That effect can be problematic at sunset even on a flat screen. I just wish ED will manage to implement some subtle Screen Space Reflection on the canopies and other surfaces at some point. It would be interesting and add a welcome touch of realism. (the recent Ka-50 cockpit uses the SSR effect in the cockpit - but not glass surfaces - so they might be experimenting) Having zero reflections from the cockpit green lighting at night feels weird :) But with all that reflective surface it's probably quite a technical challenge.
  7. I also agree with the OP's observation. And hopefully making trees more visible from a distance is already in the pipeline. But it can't hurt to mention that it would be a nice feature to have. It's pretty much the same with the runway lights that only appears when zoomed in or if the aircraft is close enough. I'm sure Ugra Media is still working on many aspects and that the performance passes might happen later. Beautiful map and level of details! :thumbup:
  8. +a zillion (at least) ^^ That would be most welcome. It's a pita to configure the unit before each flight (even just units would be a great progress).
  9. Can't wait for those volumetric clouds. And hopefully the weather system and basic effects will start to show how it can benefit to our combat skills. Here's a rendering technique someone made in Unity that should let us imagine what we could get in DCS:
  10. If it's done right, BS3 will update the HUD symbology to use vector-based characters and symbols, like other recent aircraft (or high resolution textures). If not, there's a good chance some artifacts will remain. The current textures are .tga files (mostly 512*512 textures located in …\DCS World\Mods\aircraft\Ka-50\Cockpit\IndicationTextures).
  11. What a relief! The most annoying controls for me were the Shkval TV brightness and the Night Vision Goggles and monocle reticle brightness. Thank you, flanker0ne! For those not familiar with the config file, the new lines should be placed below axisCommands = { (within this category)
  12. Not a chance, imho. It would require reworking the cockpit as the Shkval TV is designed for the Shkval camera and systems. Unless Yuri can also slap a FLIR on top of the Shkval optics and rewire everything required to display the picture, control the targeting, etc. Just like he would if he rigs the KABRIS to display the President-S data ;)
  13. Staying at home doesn't mean I need to play video games because there's nothing else to do. So I'd like a sale to get modules cheaper. Of course we all love that hobby and ED/DCS but that instant logic doesn't sound like the brightest. Just my opinion, obviously. A dedicated thread with the links and details for Folding@Home and similar projects might be interesting for those of us who have powerful computers. #Imboredgimmesales
  14. Hi, I also notice that right roll tendency as the helo picks up some speed. I didn't fly a lot of missions/in a lot of different conditions, and I'm not very familiar with the helicopter and its flight characteristics. I made a video that shows that right bank behavior. From take-off to cruise flight. Flight controls inputs displayed. Custom mission. no wind no turbulence 20°C OAT FARP ALT 528m ASL QNH 760 mmHg (still processing, 1440p available soon)
  15. Ok… so after more failed experiments, I have no choice but to confirm that the AI is utterly incompetent. Even my flares make better decoys.
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