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  1. 1 hour ago, dggoofy said:

    As I wrote it above : do what ever you want! It's free. Only forbidden : make money with it 🙂 

    You have to find a way for the frequency change. Would be a pity to let it drop, my opinion. 

    And I see 2 problems to solve : 

      Reveal hidden contents

    - Mission 5 : I set a trigger that checks the button pushed for the red flare. You have to find a solution for it.

    - Mission 6 illuminations. The F1 has no illuminations bombs


    Niiice! You’ve got a deal!

    On it now. I will upload it today!


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  2. On 7/28/2022 at 1:42 PM, dggoofy said:

    Hi Felows, 

    A bit stupid to do this when a new DCS Mod is newly out, but I'm glad and proud to announce the very closely coming new free campaign for DCS :

    L-39 "Free Syria" Campaign V1.01

    After years of civil war, the dictator is dead and a new page in the country's history is about to be written.

    You will step into the shoes of an L-39 pilot who will help the country to get rid of the remaining rebels.

    What do you need for this campaign ?

    • Syria Map
    • L-39 Albatros Mod
    • Good knowledge of using all weapons. 

    What you get ?

    • Story lined campaign with...
    • ...9 fully voiced missions, never the same, always fun. About 1 hour each to complete.
    • Full documention in briefing AND kneeboard
    • The use of ALL, I say ALL, weapons, but training ones : internal and external guns, LD bombs, HD bombs, illumination bombs, AA missiles, rockets and... flares!

    Difficulty : Depends on your settings and skills.

    Basically the L-39 is a trainer. You have few weapons. Thus, in combat, you only have one pass to make. Therefore, the missions are not difficult.
    BUT... there is no radar, no CCIP mode, no guided bombs. In this case, it depends only on your skill.
    Then you can make the mission easier by turning all labels on, or harder by turning them off.





    V1.00 - Initial release

    V1.01 - Aug, 1st, 2022 - Small trigger adjustments in mission 1 and 5.





    Hi Daniel, 

    Awesome job!!! Congratulations!

    I loved it so much that I’d like to convert that for the Mirage F1.

    @dggoofy, Daniel, do I have your permission to do so? Of course, I will mention your original work and link the conversion to your original.

    We have so few campaigns so far form the F1 and this one would be quite nice.

    I thank you in advance.

    All the best,


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  3. 2 hours ago, gulredrel said:

    Nice, thanks, love these short checklists. Just some typos. e is missing in establish climb.

    Also there's a 0.05 instead of 0.95 for max power clean climb.

    LOL Tks! I just corrected it on vs 1.2! Sorry for the rework.

    Stablish (VB) is an archaic variant of establish (according to Collins dictionary). I will adjust for the next update anyway.

    Tks a lot

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  4. On 5/17/2022 at 5:06 PM, thhuni said:

    have same  Problem

    allways move  backward  , and  heli starts  to   shake  and  goes out of controll


    and  i dont have  ---->  " game flight" and "game avionics"  in my  Menu ,   have german version  , maybe its  "Arcade modus"  ??

    but there is nothing with  avionic in difficult menu

    Go to general settings and unmark GAME FLIGHT MODE and GAME AVIONICS. It may help.

  5. On 4/7/2022 at 4:02 PM, unlikely_spider said:

    Good sentiments.

    Which methods are people using to find the 331 and 302 corridors when visibility is low? (Especially since the map function doesn't seem to work on the HSI on the Hornet in Syria)

    I can use the TACAN and enter the appropriate course line so that I intercept the Falcon and Eagle points just fine, but if there's cloud between me and the ground it's kind of hard to find where the corridors are before that. I think in mission 3 I overflew one of the restricted areas and thus didn't receive a 100 score. If it's complete VFR conditions it's not an issue, obviously, but otherwise I may have to tolerate some negative comments from ATC or a less-than-perfect score at the end 🤫


    I create and use waypoints:

    Dortyol -> 302 N36°50.014'/E036°13.361'
           Long Final 23    N37°07.254'/E035°38.448'
     23 Initial (5nm+-) N37°03.003'/E035°30.313'
    THR 23 N37°00.615'/E035°26.376'

    Same here!!!! I am having a lot of fun here!


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  6. 19 minutes ago, kavin23333 said:

    During the training mission, my Apache performed well.  But when I get into the mission, complete the start and raise the pitch, it will move back uncontrollably and only stop by braking.  Then I realized that I could only control it properly during the last three training tasks.  Did I miss something?  Or maybe the tutorial doesn't point out that there are things that need to be done after a cold start (like takeoff trim?).

    thanks for your help  !

    Go to general settings and unmark GAME FLIGHT MODE and GAME AVIONICS. It may help.


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  7. 1 hour ago, M1Combat said:

    I just turn on the battery, start the APU, Crank left and then right without waiting for anything, B/S the IHADDS and then take off :).  Then I usually turn off the APU sometime enroute as I've most likely forgot it before take off...

    I suspect some day they'll implement whatever breaks IRL when you do it like I do and then I'll need to change something LOL :).

    LOL… I get your point… But I like the “foreplay”…. My Duke Nukem 3D time is way overdue. What matters is that you’re having fun…

  8. 1 minute ago, MatveyTsivinyuk said:

    @Asto wow, big thanks for correcting my code. This part was copypasted from Mi-24 and it seems that nobody tested it with exported MPDs. Expect your code to be in the next update. As a main developer of George I grant you kudos.

    Thank you also, Sir!

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  9. 7 hours ago, Bailey said:

    Hi there. I had converted the UN campaign to the Hind and the UH-60. Naturally, making the campaign for the AH-64D is also something I would also like to do. I am glad to hear that you enjoyed the Hind version!

    If anyone sees a "UN Apache Livery" floating around, please let me know. 😉


    Hi, Just saw that:

    Apache UN livery

    Looking forward for your mod! 🙂


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