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  1. I keep reading your videos!. I hope to learn something because I'm very bad in air to air combat.


    Thanks Splash, we are always learning! I will return to base April, 26th and I will produce at least a couple more. Next one will be against F-16s.


    The secret is to keep practicing. If you like to read, I recommend "Fighter Combat, tatics and maneuvering", by Robert Shaw.


    I googled it and several pdfs popped up. Here goes one: http://www.jg-51.com/topsecret/Fighter_Combat-Tactics_and_Maneuvering.pdf


    edit: I prefer the real book: https://www.amazon.com/Fighter-Combat-Maneuvering-Robert-Shaw/dp/0870210599/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8


    Start your reading with 1 x 1 Guns only and then evolve from that.


    All the best,



  2. MiG-28 does have a problem with its inverted flight tanks. It won't do a negative G push over. Latest intelligence tells us that the most it will do is one negative...


    The info is not accurate. I happened to be... We, Sorry Goose, we happened to be in a 4G negative dive with a Mig-28.

  3. hello every body, i saw here questio about ejection seat...


    what i can tell you is that there s two version of ejection seat for the L-39 the most common model is VS-1BRI

    the new one is K-96 ( the same model that s used in the YAK-130 ) and in the same time it s a modification of the seat installed in the mig-29 and SU-27 familly ...


    in the old model by pulling one hand there s a risk that the system will not work properly, in the new model this case don t exist ...


    and in the new model there is no fail safe paddels, and have a "logical" bloc , to select if there s two pilots or just one , in case of real ejection, if there is only one pilot so no need to eject the second seat than the first ... as i remember in the VS-1BRI in case of ejection the two seats are always ejected the second cockpit then the first and at low altitudes its lsot of time if there s onl one pilot but i need to have a look at the docs to tell all the + changes that bring the K-96...


    if someone need the performances or more information about minimum altitudes of use just post a question will be happy to help ...


    about the flaps i saw that the question was already answered they fully auto retract at 310Km/h to avoid dommages in ther contruction , and over that speed even if you push the button they still retracted ...



    Hi Kadda,


    I just would like to say thank you for all the info you provided. Because of that I decided to buy

    DCS L-39 today.


    Thank you!


    All the best,



  4. Even better would be to use a program like VoiceAttack (we use an older program called Game Commander 2 but it does the same thing).


    This allows you to actually say words like "Copy", "Engage Bandits" and "Ready" and executes the comms menu mapping for you.


    It's so fast that you don't even notice the comms menu coming up and operating.


    It's very immersive and works great.


    Live and learn!!!


    Gotta try this one as well.


    Tks, TLA.


    All the best,



  5. Hi McGyver,


    I did exactly that on mine. I have the Ch Pro set up (Fighterstick, Throttle and Pedals) and with the CH Manager program we can set the button in several ways and one of them is to make sequential key strokes (automatic or with each button press). This way I am able to program the automatic sequence for "Alt+\ F10 F3". I did that for the BFM Campaign and for ACM Campaign I added the pincer left/right, cover me and engage bandits commands.

    I hope you find a way to program your set up to do that. I can help you if it is a CH Fighterstick or Throttle.

    All the best,


  6. I recommend reading "Hunter Killer: Inside America's Unmanned Air War" by Lt. Col. T.Mark McCurley and "Predator: The Secret Origins of the Drone Revolution" Richard Whittle, to understand the difference between RPA (Remotely Piloted Aircraft) and SciFi depictions of fully autonomous UAVS.


    In addition to a valuable insight they are a fun read. Lt. Col. McCurley's more from the pilot/operator perspective, whereas Whittle's book is more deeply into the history behind and the background... ;)


    Very nice book tips! Thank you!

  7. Awesome Sydy!

    Yes when that module is available it would be great fun.

    I've read that it is being considered as a replacement for the A-10 for low intensity conflicts.

    Here is a link with some more details: http://www.combataircraft.net/2016/08/16/is-the-usaf-serious-about-oa-x/




    True, it has been under evaluation for some time already and we have two clients in US. One is a private company and the other is USAF flying it training the Afeganistan Air Force. I hope it succeed for the OA-X program. I really don't know much about this specific program because my focus is in other programs here.


    I love that machine and I am a bit suspecious to talk about it. :) I fly for the company that makes it (Embraer)! :music_whistling:


    I got lucky to fly 20min in its simulator and blessed to fly as #7 rear-seater during one of the training in the Brazilian Smoke Squadron when they had the T-27, the Tucano.


    If you get the time and patience, watch the movie I made during that flight. It is long (20min), but with original sound and with all their maneuvers, of course in the #7.



    I have some other good stuff in my youtube channel if you want to browse it... It is a fun job for sure.


    All the best,



  8. Great videos Sydy! Thanks for sharing your campaign experiences.


    Good luck on your real mission assignment and stay safe!



    Hi Sabre-TLA,


    Thank you, Sir! I loved the BFM campaing and I am enjoying this one a lot. Several of my colleagues are former F-5E Pilots in the Brazilian Air Force and I receive their "critique" about the engagements. It's funny as hell and sometimes I get 3 or 4 pilots around cheering and yelling at me. I have a ball!


    I am still in my assignment abroad (pretty safe this time), but I look forward to go back home and fly the ACM campaign some more.


    Please, consider me as an huge Maple Flag fan and I even bought the A-10C only becuse I wanted to fly both of your campaigns on it. As soon as I finish the ACM campaign, I will start the A-10Cs' campaigns.

    And if I may add, take a good look in the A-29 as a future plataform for your campaigns. I'd love to fly one A-29 campaign made by Maple Flag.


    All the best,



  9. Hi guys,


    I managed to fly one more DCS ACM Campaign mission before I go away in real mission assignment.


    This time it's against the CF-18s from Alberta. I got a request (almost a complaint) from a colleague that he was unable to see the bug dots in the start of the fight, so this time I used the icons a tiny bit on the engagement beginning. For me it's a kind of a cheat, but what the hell, let's have fun.


    First engagement at 24kft: I was with my wingman on my left (echelon), I located the CF-18s first on my RWR (alwasy on SEARCH mode) and right after got the dot's on my radar after working on the tilt a bit. Looked for the dots and I agree they are very difficult to see using a 4k monitor. I went head on with their wingman, way too close to my taste, turned left level after their leader that was on my 9 clck. Radar did not lock, but got a good tone and launched an AIM-9P5 off his 8clck. He saw the launch and dropped some flares, but missile tracked all right and got him.


    His wingman was on my high 6 and I broke hard left and reverted after I saw him extending toward my wingman. They went Head On, he pulled up with burners on, but I didn't have energy to follow him. Unloaded a bit, managed to track him with radar even at 90 degrees angle off but never got a tone.


    After the first turn managed to get a good tone, fired a missile, looked like it tracked but never impacted. We started to turn and burn. I was getting too close for missiles and went for guns. I didn't have much energy, jockeyed a good position and some energy, pulled lead with the piper a bit ahead of the enemy and shot a good burst relaxing the Gs. Never saw the impact that got him but he ejected, First engagement was over.


    Second engagement was pretty easy. Same set up, their leader never saw me turning in and, although he had his ECM on and my radar never tracked, got a good tone and shot a missile on him. He never saw the missile I shot and it impacted without any counter-measure (flares).


    His wingman came for me, on my high 6, I turned hard left to avoid giving him windown for a shot, almost blacked out, I commanded my wingie to attack and he shot a sidewinder right after. As the enemy was committed to me, he never saw the missile that shot him down.


    If you have time and patience, I made a small video about this Mission. I apologize for my accent and I hope you like it.



    I will come back into action on DCS in a month after this real life assignment. Next adversaries: F-16s!


    All the best,



  10. Hi Kev2go,


    They do have phases of interception and flight data processing. They also have help from US inteligence agencies. The problem is that the drug smugglers run toward Brazil's border and in Brazil we can not shot them down like this.


    If they do not respond and evade, they probably gonna get shot at. The Colombian Air Force follow strict processes to decide for a shot down.


    Agree with you about the gamble and Peruvian Air force already had a mishap there and one was a missionary's caravan shot down where his wife and kid were killed. Anway, remember Colombia is at war with FARCs and they use drug money a lot, so... Shit happens in a war.


    Anyway, The T-27s and A-29s provoke havoc against FARC and Drug smugglers. Even FARC#2 was killed in an A-29 attack, inside Equador border by the Colombians in 2008.


    See: http://english.ohmynews.com/articleview/article_view.asp?menu=c10400&no=381953&rel_no=1&isMail=mail


    US covert ops in Colombia: http://www.outsidethebeltway.com/the-usa-v-the-farc/


    Peruvian mishap videoc("Fase Tres" = Phase 3 = clear to hot on the target):



    Take care,



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