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  1. Counter-insurgency operations are going to be fun with multicrew!


    Tks Frixon, I do want to do some aerobatics flying formation as well.


    Agree!!! We can do some interceptions as well. Colombia has aces for shooting down drug dealers.


    This is an AT-27, but works fine as an example (watch it to the end):



    A-29 Afeganistan



    And this is the best ever film in an A-29 - Brazilian Air Force



    All the best,



  2. Hi guys,


    I am really looking forward to fly this baby in DCS. Here goes some pictures during the IBAS - International Brazil Air Show, going on now in Rio de Janeiro.








    It is going to be fun to employ it as a weapon and to fly it as in the brazilian EDA - Esquadrão de Demonstração Aérea, the Brazilian Smoke Squadron.


    Yep, that's me in the picture... I am partitipating in the airshow with a Legacy 500 and took the opportunity to take several pictures.


    All the best,



  3. Hi guys,


    Just flew the fourth mission in the ACM Campagin, now against the Mirages in the ACM campaign. After half dozen practices with mixed results (I hate to fight M2000s) I decided to give it a go. The result was better than expected and I managed to record both engagements.


    First at 20k, I was higher, had difficult to acquire the 2000s in the radar, but saw them with eye balls mk I. I sent my wingman to the left and turned into the pair. Tried a gun pass but overshot badly and went up. I saw the wingie and later on the leader, one broke (Never ever leave your wingman - remember that?) and I shot the leader with an AIM-9.

    Turned left to re-aquire the other one, saw him on my 7lck but was low on energy. I had commanded my wingie to attack and he called tally on the bug. I decided to drag the enemy and help my buddy to engage. As I had thought the bug came after me and showed his tail to my number two which put a sidewinder up his buttocks.


    Second engagement at 14k, same difficulties to get the 2000s on my radar and this time their wingman came head on on me. I went up, lost sight for a moment but saw their ABs and dove on them. Both boggies committed to my wingman and manage to get on their tails.I shot a sidewinder with a doubtful tone and it went just under the enemy without detonating. I switched to guns and got him on the first pass.


    After this one was down, I went in a defensive turn until I reaquired the enemy, shot a sidewinder with a bit too much of an angle off and the M2000 dropped flares and the AIM-9 went for it. Right after that the 2000 managed to put a burst Head On on my wingman, which started to smoke badly, but surprised me to stay in the fight.

    Managed to get on his tail, squeezed an innefective .5s burst and we started to turn and burn. I was very low on energy, but was decided to press on as he was on my number two tail.


    Flew very slow to stay behind him and mistakenly pressed the trigger and almost shot my own wingman down. Got a good tone, shot a Sidewinder, but was too close and the missile went under the enemy. Still got a good tracking position and went for guns but managed to put only few shells into the guy. Although he start to smoking also, he was still in the fight. The fight was almost on the deck and we all were quite low on energy. Squeezed another burst but way too short. One second more and I'd get him.


    I lagged a bit behind and got in a better position for a missile shot. I saw him moving for the kill and, although my wingman was close up ahead, I decided to shoot an AIM-9 anyway trying to save my buddy. Got a good tone on the bug, shot the sidewinder and had a mini-heart attack because I thought the missile tracked my wingie, luckly midway it "sidewinded" to the right and impacted the M2000 tail. He was gone!


    If you have the patience and time to watch a seven minute video about that, here it goes:



    You guys take care and I hope you had fun!


    All the best,



  4. Hi guys,


    Let's go for the third mission. After a couple of practices I decided to give it a go. The result was interesting.


    First engagement, same initial set up, I opened 20degress offset to the right, sent the wingman to pincer left, the enemy pair split, I went head on with their wingman and got in the leader tail. Got good tone and fired a Sidewinder. I saw their leader shot one missile on my wingman. The enemy leader exploded and right after I lost my wingie. I will miss Goose...


    I turned hard on their wingman and after a couple of turns on AB I managed to put a missile on him.


    Now what? I am all by lonesome against a pair of Tomcats. I know I am dead meat... Let's see if I get lucky.


    I went "Full TOPGUN" in aggressiveness and went head on on the pair at 14kft. They were in echelon right and I went for their leader to play chicken. Hell of a FAUL but it was my only chance. Squeezed a burst a bit far, he turned right and opened his belly to me. I got a nice snapshot and got him.


    I had lost sight of their wingie, went in a right 4Gs defensive turn, reaquired him but he was right on my tail. Kept the turn right waiting for his mistake while getting low, around 1000ft agl. In the end managed to gain on him and reverted the situation. He pulled up, I shot a sidewinder on him without a good tone just to scared him and maybe get lucky, but it was not the case. After a pair of turns that he made mistakenly, I managed to put a good 2.5s cannon burst on his left wing.


    If you have time, here goes the video about the second engagement (tried to described what I was doing):



    Now is time for the M2000. It was hell during the BFM campaign and I am curious to see them now.


    All the best and take care,



  5. Very nice reading! I'm currently flying BFM campaign but I will definitely buy this one. Did you map - Flight/Engage/Bandits - Flight/Cover me - Flight/Pincer/Left - Flight/Pincer/Right into your HOTAS?



    Hi SPlash,


    Thanks for reading it. Yep, I mapped it into my HOTAS. Definitively you have to send your wingie to pincer them and separate the boggies. I use a lot pincer left, engage bandits and cover me. Pincer right I didn't use yet because of the geometry of the initial set up. I put them on my 11 or 10clk pos and send wingie left.


    It has been working fine so far. Only on the third mission I lost the wingman for the enemy leader right before I got him. The results you will see on the next post.


    TKs a lot and take care,



  6. Hi Guys,


    Flew the second and third missions of the ACM campaign. I will describe the second mission here.


    First engagement I commanded the wingman to pincer left and it was enough to drag their leader. I went head on with his number two and turned into the leader and got him with a sidewinder. Turned for the wingman and my wingman got him. That was easy.


    Second engagement was fast. same initial set up, but I was higher than the 14k, let's consider I pinced them high and my wingman pinced them left. I turned way to close to the leader tail and got him with guns. I consider it was a hell of a FAUL, but what the heck, no guts, no glory.


    Turned into their wingie, he was committed to my wingman, went behind him, angle off around 90 degrees, pulled up over the top, he saw me, went on burners pulled up also, I got tone but angle was too much. I maneuvered for a better angle with a displacement roll, he went down, almost Split-Sing, I went behind him, too close for a missile shot, but got him with guns. No FAUL this time.


    I hope you guys like the small movie I made during this entanglement. I tried to describe as much as possible what I did.




    Tomorrow, I will describe the third engagement where I ended up 1 x 2 against the Tomcats.


    All the best,



  7. Gents,


    This is just to add to the group, my first impression of the campaign. I started today and flew a couple of practice missions before I started it.


    I notice I had to map at least four commands for the flight:

    - Flight/Engage/Bandits

    - Flight/Cover me

    - Flight/Pincer/Left

    - Flight/Pincer/Right


    Navigation is the same for the BFM campaign. Already finished. I had difficulties only against the M-2000 during that campaign. Icons were off most of the time, but I opened it eventually. Ok, it's a kind of a cheat, but I consider I am practicing anyway. Next stage will be re-fly it with icons always off. Map was consulted once in a while.


    I decided to follow the same here. It is nice when within visual range you notice enemies as bluish F-5s and your wingmen in a desert cammo.


    Interesting that the campaign has unlimitted ammo during the fights, but I would't ripple fire Aim-9s... It's just not my style.


    First mission was kind easy. 2 x 2 similiar fight, one at 24k and other at 14k.


    First engament: commanded flight echelon left, got them on radar, put them at 20 degrees offset to the left, at 10NM commanded wingman pincer left, whenm blackstar called merge I commanded "engage bandits". Worked like a cham. I went vertical on my bug and got him with guns. Wingman was in a descending spiral and I got the second with a sidewinder when the bug reversed.


    Secong engament (14k), same initial moves, when I went vertical, my bug also went vertical, all of sudden I hear the fox-2 call of my wingman and my bug exploded not more than .5 of me. I could easily see his bluish F-5. I saw the direction of de missile, identifiend my wingman and saw an AB close by, engage it and after a displacement barrel roll got him with an AIM-9. Got 3, wingie got 1, no loss for us!


    Next engament will be 3 F-5s x 4 F-4s, but got practice before.


    Got lucky not to be plagued with F-5s last update bug so far.


    Even flew a "Desert Tiger 76" mission to check it out. Worked fine also.


    I will keep you posted.


    All the best,



  8. Hi Andre,


    I hope you are doing all right. I tried to buy the jetseat today and paypal got an error message from your website. It says "Shipping address state empty".


    I sent a msg to the webmaster.


    All the best,



  9. Baltic, I downloaded the new miz file and put in the campaign folder, removed "ALT". I had already removed the original miz file from the folder.


    I made two attempts and both times saxon and IP start on the ground and still won't taxi.


    Hi Kashmir,


    Don't make two individual tries... Start the mission, leader will fail to start. Stop it, don't leave DCS, start it again right after. This time it will work. Don't ask me why... It works... LOL


    That's how I made it.


    All the best,



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