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  1. Gents,


    After last update I am having problems with Track IR. I had set up numpads 5, 7 and 9 for centering, precision and pause. All this was working before.

    Now I get run Track IR, these keys work all right, but when I get into DCS, they don't anymore altough Track IR works fine inside DCS except I can't center, change presicision or pause it.


    Thanks in advance for any help.



  2. Ticket closed, glad I could help :)


    ps I am scott




    Cool! I was getting depressed thinking about a completely reinstall and you helped me a big deal.


    Now I have time and pleasure to enjoy my new modules.


    Tks a lot BIGNEWY (Scott) :thumbup:


    Sydney -Sydy- Rodrigues

  3. Update to you all:



    RapportInjService_x64.exe 4164 Services 0 10.432 K

    RapportInjService_x64.exe 5692 Console 1 10.604 K

    RapportMgmtService.exe 652 Services 0 13.240 K

    RapportService.exe 5468 Console 1 9.232 K


    Hi Scott,


    You nailed!!! This is my bank malware software (they call it security module). There is a way to stop it via software and I will do it always before running DCS. It's not necessary to uninstall it, just stop it.

    I will reinstall Avira Free anti-virus and see how it goes.

    I just can praise you guys and say Kudos to ED IT and Support department.

    Merry Christmas and a 2017 full of new modules for all of us.


    Count on me as your humble client.


    You may close this Support Ticket


    All the best,



  4. Bignewy,


    I just:

    - added dcs and dcs updater as exceptions;

    - run updater repair

    Deactivated real time protection-

    - Run DCS and still got FATAL ERROR and problems

    Removed AVIRA completely

    Run DCS 1.5, same crash messages and same problems

    Run DCS 2.0, same crash message and same problem


    Tried to repair with anti-virus uninstalled, got a successful repair message but still got the same fatal error and problems


    I will open a ticket.

  5. Gents, good evening,


    Since yesterday I am having problems with both 1.5 and 2.0.


    When I try to start it, I get a FATAL ERROR message(s) (twice in the 1.5) and then DCS loads. What I could figure is that the modules MIG-15 and Spitfire are the problem in 1.5 and Mig-15 is the problem in 2.0.


    After DCS loads, I try to open a defective module mission or instant action, the mission loads, it appears in the mission map and when I click fly it goes to the mission editor.


    I tried to:

    - rename the saved games folder

    - repair DCS

    - remove the mods (only skins, missions and kneeboards)

    - delete and download/reinstall defective modules.


    No deal.


    The screen I get is attached


    My Dcs.log is also attached.


    I hope you guys find out what I have to do to fix it.


    I thank you in advance.







  6. Hi to all '


    Thanks to Chack and is permission to use is check list pdf to the Kneeboard project i made a new version .


    This version :


    - PreFlight.

    - Start Engine.

    - Warm Up Engine.

    - Taxi.

    - TakeOff.

    - Landing.

    - Engine Overheat.

    - Engine Tables.


    please Download the new version



    Couldn't find it in the user files. Do you have a link, please?

  7. Gents,


    My 2 Cents:

    Vinny, check if pitch and yaw dampers are on. Check both switches just aft the Throttle quadrant and radar controls.

    Ponhard, configure your left and right brakes. It helps with controllability. Do not use steering above 60kts.

    Good luck,



  8. shadow play can be manually started, what geforce experience are you running ??



    Hi Jamison,


    I just downloaded it. It is I don't even see the shadowplay tab in it. Managed to configure shortcut keys and folders, but not sure what to do anymore.


    Tks for the help,



  9. Anyone managed to get a handle on the M2000, I'm getting nailed constantly by them! They just turn to fast and regain energy so easy. The best I've done is almost reverse an overshoot with a barrel roll but I missed the shot and he went full AB and I lost him!




    The way I managed to go through was practicing HO passes. If you fail the HO, bring the fight down, not up. F-5Es don't have power to fight Mirages above 20k.

    I passed when got the first 2000 in a HO pass. The second I missed and just extended and ran. The mirage got confused and engaged the instructor and shot it down. I just ran from the second engagement and managed to pass it.

    At this moment I am in the second F-18 setup and missing only the Mig-21 and F-15 besides that.

    Good luck,


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