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  1. I know the magnet mod, i done it. But whats the centering mechanism one?
  2. can you guys with the 970 report frame times you are getting in relation to number of objects on the screen? on my GTX 770 the problem seems is that after a while the maximum heat (TDP) for the card is reached and it downclocks introducing a micro stutter. i get around 7ms of frame time and around 11-15ms when it stutters/downclocks, mostly after 2 minutes of play, locking 60 fps into the cfg file seems to solve this somewhat but i'm wondering what happens if i upgrade to the 970 Asus GTX 770, intel4770k, 20gb ram 1360x768, medium settings
  3. Yes guys also happens to me while ejecting from the su-25t after landing. Which the atc is insttucting to taxi at thr moment, so totally makes sense Also throws out wRadio.dll as faulty module for the crash
  4. ran into the same problem: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=2013000#post2013000 was a motherboard issue, i had no true usb 2.0 ports, i had to turn off usb 3.0 from the bios a clean install of drivers does help too
  5. i fixed the issue. apparently the new H87/Z87/B85 motherboard chipset is incompatable with the (now legacy) X-52 PRO drivers. this is caused by the board adopting a USB 3.0/2.0 interoperability system across all USB inputs which messes with the driver's installation due to incompatabillity. (X-52 does not work in other than standard USB 2.0 ) so a BIOS flash was due. in addition is "disable XHCI" from the BIOS selection menu which effectively downgrades all USB inputs to 2.0 only for legacy devices(such as X-52). this and a clean Windows install afterwards and it works perfectly. SD7 Driver and Software. the main issue is disscused in detail here: http://rog.asus.com/forum/showthread.php?37470-Sabertooth-Z87-and-Saitek-X52-Pro-and-other-issuues
  6. i have this same problem after upgrade PC mobo and format, attempting to install the latest SD7 driver from Saitek's website, will eventually fail during installation, after asking to plug device into USB, setup will just load and fail with a message "An error has occured during this step". i have tried the driver with the included CD. the driver itself and the SST profiler installs but it is so old that it is only compatable with Windows XP and the profiler (SST) crashes upon use.
  7. i use an X-52 pro with the magnet mod applied(must), combined with Saitek's pro flight rudder pedals. fully programmed for Su-25T. using both POV2 and Mini Mouse as Slew. and the switcher working for A2A,A2G and Nav modes.
  8. i have a minor tiny complain, it's just that the seconds arm inside the cockpit clock does not move after latest update. if i enable timer by pressing R.Shift+C, i can see the clock's left inner "Minutes" dial move perfectly. while the orange "Seconds" dial/counter on the face of the main clock static.
  9. its like crtl and alt, only this time it is a button on your joystick that acts as a "shift" you can add these from DCS menu and then assign "switch".
  10. no i agree, there are games, then there are sims. and these require power. its not your fault i originally bought these parts for games lesser than DCS. i appreciate your help! :thumbup:
  11. that's comforting(or what i want to hear lol) i hear you, there is a guy that i play BF4 with that has an SSD, each time a new game starts i'm surprised by how fast he spawns that by the time i spawn after him he already capture the first flags in the map. it is consistent that my game loads 30-60 secs longer than him due to my old HDD. hmmm, quite exciting that you say this... will start looking for ways to install the open-beta now lol
  12. you are right, it isn't SLI capable. i was -slightley- dissapointed when i heard this just after i bought, i know i won't using SLI anytime soon but to know that and think that the GTS 450 that i had was indeed SLI capable... screams "budget" as you say sounds like a plan, extra 4gb module and ssd upgrade for now.
  13. true. i'm on a 32" HD-Ready LCD. this is why i don't turn it up to 1080p. since i guess its easier on my hardware. SSD improvement is a relativly new thing, i think i will have to check how the price are nowadays.
  14. that dissapoints me, since i got the 650 ti recently as a replacement for a fermi-based EVGA GTS 450. also it is the EVGA GTX 650 ti 2 GB SCC edition, i don't know if that helps. i also do some opengl gaming where the 650 ti helps with this. i'm thinking about adding 12-16 gb of ram to this machine but don't know if my budget gigabyte P55-UD3, do you think it will support it? and yes you are right, i have it set at low settings and in an envioronment where there are lots of targets it can get down to 40-50 fps at native 720 resolution.
  15. Hi Raven, thank you for the tip on startup, for sure the alignment does take time, and in a combat situation as you said, it will be a good idea to power it up(cdu etc) with the engine starting simultaneously.
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