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  1. ok I try to recreate the scenario of the GCI CAP on the Caucas map from scratch I place and name all unit then edit the .LUA file it doesn t work .. so I do something wrong but what .. ?? so if someone can help me to debug this it will be a good help jul-caucas-test.lua test-gci caucase.miz
  2. ok .. I found the name of the airport here so it should be right https://flightcontrol-master.github.io/MOOSE_DOCS/Documentation/Wrapper.Airbase.html So I will try to create the exemple from scratch on the caucas map to chek if it's work or if there are something wrong on my build then see if a problem on syria or if I am the problem ..
  3. Dear all i try to reproduce a basic Moose exemple ( we can find it inside msater mission folder ) AID-A2A-700 - Sound Check English.miz but it's not working when I try to reproduce it on the Syria MAP and I don t really understand what I do wrong ? When I start the original exemple all is working well with my mission I get nothing there my syria mission and my Lua file if someone could help me it's good .. I try to run a server and it's kind of the base of my mission of course Thanks JUL-syria.lua test-moose-syria.miz
  4. I have the same from last update .. if i Want use helmet system to designate a ground tgt i got this circle with somme Lines around it then i can select my tgt . But impossible to undesignate with NWS switch to get this circle again to select an other tgt .
  5. Awesome It's work pretty well many thanks
  6. dear friends I drop my question here because I am not really sure if there are a better place So i have a dual monitor setup and i export all 3 ''MFD'' from the F18 to the second screen it's working well i just make all my modification on the viewport.lua about size and placement nothing to say it's perfect now I wish I can add IFEI data on my second screen too .. is that a way to do it without installing helios or any other secondary application ? thanks for your help
  7. Hello thanks for Your help yes problem solved in DCS I need to Turn almost a full turn to detect it then wehn i use the zoom it Work perfectly thanks for Your help
  8. Dear all I the new happy owner of a KA50 collective all is updated in the simapppro firmware are also up to date all axes and switch are working well .. but the grey thumb wheel are not working even as a switch up down or as an axes nothing is detected well I am probably sure I miss something but I don t know what .. if someone know something it could be great also from the app side .. I didn t find any ''cloud'' profile .from other people it seems weird but as I didn t find any doc to let me go deeper inside this app it's not easy thanks
  9. hi many thanks for your help .. so I will add trigeer with group AI on OFF to manage the group it seems the easiest solution ! I will try the code work on the mission and see how does it works Again thanks for the help
  10. Dear all I try to make a training mission with different mission to set the first one I want it like this when I fly over a trigger point ennemy unit appears for a specific time 15 min or more , then disapear if I re fly over my trigger zone ennemy appear again ( like the first time ) I try to do it this way but when i fly over my trigger zone nothing appears again .. if someone can help me Trigger are on mission start = set flog 1 off repetitive = when part of the group in zone X = activate groupe / flag 1 ON =message ''groupe activated'' repetitive =flag 1 time is more 60sec (that s for test ) = deactivate group / glag 1 OFF it's work well after 60 sec groupe disapear, but if now I refly over my trigger point I get the message ''groupe activated'' but no enemi come back I don t understand why so if someone now .. Maybe i don t use the best trigger or maybe my solution is not the best one ?? I put the test mission too The goal is to put the mission on a server so it should run for a long time and restart or reboot sometimes but supposed to be a no end mission Thanks 44_moltes_training range.miz
  11. ok good to know .. of course I really like it the cockpit looks nice good vision, all is almost under hands , instrument are visible and at the right place it's one of my favorite aircraft ..
  12. Well Against AI it's ok as they repeat almost all time the same tactic but well they have eyes at 360° and flight pefectly at the limit of the airplane .. so it could be difficult .. :)
  13. Hi I do a quick video And some time I am in a high pitch rate and i think i start to loose lift and (stall) start to roll on a wing. But If I set flaps 1 it's better but I loose speed/acceleration. Question is ON SIM: is that more easy to use flaps one sometimes in combat or flaps 1 during all fight REALITY: when I see where is the flaps lever in the real p-51 I don t think it's made to be used in fight, right ? thanks for your help
  14. Yes they have torpedos 2 each (it's a group of 4) mission is anti ship strike is that correct ? yes it's red airplanes against blue ship so it' seems to be good Target are 4 big ships but they are moving .. and i just saw in the latest change log ''Torpedoes from U-boat or S-boat could be fired to unmoved targets only'' ok not for JU but I will check again .. not easy ..
  15. Hello I try to build a mission I place 3 ships and 4 ju 88 are supposed to attack them I set ''antiship strike'' select the right ship group .. there are no other plane nothing ! but the the ju 88 team turn back and go for landing when they reach the last waypoint where the anti ship run is supposed to start I also try with ground attack .. but it still the same so is that possible ? thanks for your help
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