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  1. the alarm of this thing it's very annoying and constant
  2. Yes Sir, also with the F16 but only in MP and in some servers like Inferno server
  3. I'm sure the frequency is correct
  4. no Sir, in single player no problem
  5. just a simple communication with the ATC
  6. Trying to communicate with vhf or uhf radios, NOT easy communications and multiplayer server but not response I'm using the radio green and red bottom
  7. Can't rearm, after the last patch What a hell is it is closing the car?
  8. sorry for ask but why in this server the super carrier always turn like sailboat? in multiplayer that's not good cause sometimes the planes colide, an easy fix could be a straight direction of the carrier with a very slow speed until the server restart
  9. Press the D/L button on the UFC again, it will cycle between the MIDS and the L4 datalink menus. Thanks
  10. how can I change the Datalink to the awacs and see all the contacts in the SA page?
  11. trying to find the trim reset but I can't find it
  12. Hello. I would like to know if buddy lasing for jets will be possible from day one?
  13. this is NOT fixed, after rearm / refuel the problem persist
  14. for some reason I can connect SRS with server but not with the game
  15. are the back catapult of the Forrestal working? never work for me for any plane since day 1
  16. Hello guys sorry to bother again, but I don't why I have 1463 keyword collection and only 961 in the editor key commands? for example, when I say "connect air supply" is not recognize because is not in the editor but is in the keyword collecton Any suggestion? thanks
  17. I think the problem is solved now, thanks for your patience
  18. Yes, all checked DCS_variant.txt it say OPENBETA
  19. I'm using the last version of the DCS open beta and the last version of voice attack and vaicom pro
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