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  1. From presale questions, to shipping packaging, to build quality, to easy of use and setup. WOW. why did I wait so long?
  2. I just completed a full reinstall of window and reloaded DCS. Wanted to give the basic World a quick test before installing the multitude of modules again. Plugged in the TM Warthog, cougar panels etc and find that the buttons copy across. I haven't installed the drivers yet. Under win10 I don't thing that is needed anymore. Is there a way to prevent this/quick work around/any upload good default settings? I have a cockpit full of modules to load up and don't want to go into each one and clear it up. Honestly, I thought this might have been fix since I last use this in 2014... I can't really recall the hacks and whatnot from then.
  3. Hi people, The free weekend sucked me back in to DCS. New world(2.5) and other things have me noting an aging PC. During the free event. RAM went from 8 to 24GB without issue. Today, MAX out the cpu of my mainboard - FX3850. However I've learnt that such a change effects the activation, down to 4 now, with 10 unused de-activation. :doh: I need to swap the video card next, will I run in to the same hardware upgrade problem with that? Does it count as a number? I'm trying to upgrade a bit at a time as video cards are $750-1K here in Canada. I'm not sure when they become so $$$? I blame the miners. Cheers.
  4. new Ultra High Definition 4K monitor. a Samsung 28" #U28D590 wow wow wow WoW
  5. Heya kids, I did a forum search on wing-man repair/reload and didn't get too far Is it possible to have a un(or)damaged wing-man RTB get repaired and reloaded and rejoin the effort? Seems not, after a recent long day at the office... If so, what command(s) do I need to give to my lazy wing-man slacker guy?
  6. Serial: 22809 Location: Canada's Capital City No not Toronto.
  7. Hi dude, The text plate would be what the "white labels" would be on. In another words one would print of a colour "photo" of the panel and 'glue' that photo on to the plywood or plastic that the switch are mounted to. Else, you could use a label maker (P-Touch) with a white on clear label... OP: I am interested to see how you tie in the toggle switches in to the the PC. Of all of the panels I think that was smartest choice to start with. Best of luck
  8. You're correct sir, something funny with my Firefox setup. The link appears fine in Chrome. Thanks for verifying
  9. Ya I saw that and that's the one I followed. Perhaps someone could post a barebones link or text doc for import. I'm simply trying to just get the radio commands working
  10. Thank you all, Currently just setting this up. On the link above, I find that the DCS A-10 fish profiles 20111002, Profiles for VAC, TM Cougar, TIR5 with clip pro. Link appear to be either unavailable or faulty or I've had too much beer... Perhaps there is another location for profile which one could use to aid in setting up? *As noted in Gerry's "settin up VAC" video @2:45 I have no profile to choose from :( Oh wait, creating a new on anyways...
  11. HaYa I found a burning hole in my pocket in past few months but my in game experience has somehow dramatically improved with the HOTAS Warthog, Saitek Combat Pedals, TrackIR5, Sennheiser PC363D and Local Craft Beer
  12. Airport manners, such as refilling the coffee pot!! Got it! In my SP I've just been setting the HSI for the runway orientation as an alternative. Never thought of the sat view... Guess that is why I've gotten turned around on the taxiways.
  13. thanks for the feedback. a niffy app that teamspeak, but found myself talk to nobody a lot!! Then I was reminded (in chat) that I had it set up as a PTT D'oh! A quick y/n as I still need to review more of the settings but is there a way to boost just the TS over the other audio in the headset? Anyways, did manage to get on for a short review/training type mission with a few fellas. Was a fun hour or so. Was nice to see my setup worked well enough. beers!!
  14. Canopies aren't so good as an alternate/back-up air-break then eh?
  15. Hi All, I am planning to give MP a try this weekend but to be honest I don't really know much about it and am not really sure where to take off from:megalol: not funny I know... My main thing at this point is the lack of a mic'd headset, it seems needed so I plan on picking up one later this week (tips?), but beyond that, is there any supporting software, setup, hacks or 'apps' that are required/recommended? BTW Where do some of you helpful folk go? Keeping in mind that I'm only a few months in to this amazing sim and am NOT looking for my xbox(1) log-on die, log-on die, log-on die, log-on die, log-on shoot then die, log-on die, type of weekend!!
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