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  1. the AIM -132 Advance Short Range Air to Air Missile, yup its a thing and there's some interesting history. I believe the RAF is the main user. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ASRAAM Cheers
  2. CHEM TRAILS!! No seriously... there is vents down there but they don't tend to vent much, probably a quirk of how the light is reflecting off the lower fuselage and the camera settings. The cons are coming from the exhaust, even managed to catch a bit of wingtip vape.
  3. Bit of a vague answer initially but i'll try to update with some more up to date info when I can. It will vary from aircraft to aircraft not to mention the operator and eve the country they are displaying in. For fast jet a 500 ft hard deck and a minimum 230 metre separation from the crown line, increasing to 450 metre over 300 Kts. As for display area, it will vary depending on location and factors such as obstacles and airspace in the surrounding area having an effect on the display area and the hard deck. As a general rule 5 nm and 15'000ft upper limit is a reasonable place to start.
  4. What he said, I've seen Typhoon do it occasionally as well on a wet day.
  5. This. One point, Paveway III and beyond cannot glide, the Paveway series is only able to follow a ballistic profile, yes newer generations are able to glide further due to the better control system QuiGon mentioned but they are unable to glide.
  6. Check out: https://www.mudspike.com/how-to-use-the-air-to-air-tacan-in-dcs-a-10c/ I believe you should get bearing infomation.
  7. I've noticed that recently, thought it was just me being a biff. Definitely something going on here.
  8. Yeah, smooth as hell either way, not seen anything like it. STill between 150-120 but TBH I didn't look at the speedo. On the HUD you have the E bracket to the Left hand side of the VV, in the video its up towards the ADL cross. You also have the AOA indexer lights to the left of the HUD. The 'Cat's on speed AOA is around 15 units. Going off in the indications in the video, the high E bracket and green chevron on the AOA indexer, both suggest you where fast.
  9. Nice smooth approach! just a bit fast all the way in?
  10. Haha I've been slowly working on one but this works far better. Ideal thanks!!
  11. +1! A general AI tanker overhaul is long overdue IMHO.
  12. BST where in that situation. I believe it was more of a trial to demonstrate how the 3rd party system would run. They since have been reabsorbed into ED. I think they work in the same areas just under the ED banner. Not sure what difference it would make to dev time, most of what has been accomplished took so long because of the complex modelling involved. There's only so much man power you can throw at a problem before it reaches saturation.
  13. That's the one! I could think of the name for my earlier post :doh: When you hit that button in the air it will do the following: 1) Disengage any Autopilot mode active 2) Disengage the the Roll and Pitch SAS The SAS switches will physically move to the off position as they are held in the on position by a solenoid I believe.
  14. The paddle switch will disengage roll and pitch SAS I believe.
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