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  1. You are a life saver! Literally just saved me hours and hours reprogramming all of my controls. Thank you so much for sharing this. VKB needs to get it together for their software support. I've been dealing with this same crap for years. Honestly ready to jump ship.
  2. Thank you Krez! Guess that means I've just gotten spoiled.
  3. Came back to the KA50 after not having flown her for a while, understand the optics aren't as good as the Apache, but I don't recall it being so difficult to find and identify targets. Have I just gotten spoiled or has this been negatively impacted by all of the IR model updates that ED is currently implementing?
  4. What speed ram do you have? Have you locked in your infinity fabric to be at a 1:1 with the ram speed? AMD CPU's benefit a lot from higher speed ram up to about 3800mhz. I think hardware conucks covered the benefits of using higher speed ram with the 3d.
  5. It's the opposite. If you select high performance WMR automatically reduces the resolution and upscales to increase frame rate. If you want the best clarity you have to select the high quality settings. With the performance setting everything looks like it did with the OG Vive or Rift.
  6. What resolution and settings in DCS are you using?
  7. Would love to see this addressed. Even after the flight model update yesterday the F-16 does not feel responsive with default curves. Very easy to get into PIO while formation flying. Not natural at all compared to the F-18.
  8. Anyone try the latest Radeon drivers? Release notes claim significant improvements for some games with SAM on. https://www.amd.com/en/support/kb/release-notes/rn-rad-win-22-2-2
  9. Thank you NineLine for sticking with this! Please continue to keep us updated on the progress.
  10. For any of these tests were you forcing DX11 mode? The AMD cards appear to be sensitive to this setting with WMR in DCS.
  11. Have you tried changing the bios settings to PCIE gen 3?
  12. Were you forcing DX11 mode with the AMD card? For whatever reason the AMD cards do not do well with this feature turned off in the steam WMR settings menu.
  13. Agreed, really really hoping this gets addressed. It's way overdue. Would love to enjoy the busy servers but the lag completely kills it for me.
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