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  1. I've been using my X-52 for a long time now and I've been quite happy with it. However as of last night I can't get my computer to recognize it. It recognizes all my other controllers (TIR, Pro Pedals, etc...) but when I plug in my x-52 it tries to run an installation which gets stuck about 5% in. I try to install the X-52 drivers but when it tells me to plug in the joystick and I do so, it doesn't recognize it. When I plug it in, it appears in my hardware control panel as unspecified but it still says Saitek X-52 Flight Control System. I'm running Windows 10 on an Asus GL551 laptop.
  2. I've been trying to do some basic fighter maneuvers in the prop planes and I've been having trouble getting a feel for the flight dynamics. The main one I've been trying to do is the immelman turn. I can usually do a split-S just fine, but when I pull straight up the plane rolls to the right and yaws to the right. I'm guessing this has something to do with gyroscopic precession, but how am I supposed to perform hard maneuvers with a prop?
  3. This UI problem is pretty frustrating because I can't do anything with the beta.
  4. I just got the beta and I'm having trouble with the main menu. When It starts part of the UI is off my screen. The resolution is set to my native display (1920x1080) and I can't change it because the button to apply settings is off the screen. What can I do about this?
  5. Sometimes something gets messed up and I have to go in and redo all my control settings. I have profiles saved so I can load them, but they don't save Axis tuning or modifiers that I set up. Where are those saved and how can I back them up?
  6. I've figured out that in missions, the radio calls are set to play one after the other in the order they happen in the flight. The problem with that is when there's a lot of radio messages, things that need to be said right now won't be said right now. Example 1: I flew a mission that had some other friendly aircraft and some enemies. By the time they had completed the mission and had landed, they were still making calls about enemy position. Example 2: I'm flying a mission in the MiG-29 and I have a radar contact locked up, and I request a declare from awacs. I have to wait for several other messages to play before I decide to just take the shot and hope it's hostile.
  7. I'm wondering how people go about this. Do you map things on your stick or throttle that might not be on the sick/throttle in the real aircraft for the sake of convenience, our do you try to simulate the pilots work loss be only mapping what's on the respective controller in the real thing?
  8. Hey, lately I've been having an issue with my Pro Pedals. When I start to push the pedals to the right, at a certain point they will input full left deflection until I push it further. Sometimes this happens when I push left, and sometimes it'll happen when I leave them centered. I've tried calibrating them but that doesn't seem to solve the issue. I'm wondering if I can fix this. It's particularly annoying when trying to hover in helicopters. I bought the pedals in October last year, so I don't know if they came with a warranty or if it did if it would have lasted this long.
  9. Oh, thanks. I'll download that. For future reference, how does one go about editing the textures?
  10. I'm looking to add a guide to the ballistic settings on a blank panel in the cockpit, and I found what looks to be the file to edit, but it won't open in GIMP. How do I edit the .dds file?
  11. I work at a thrift store and recently I found Flanker 2.5 in the trash! I had to rescue it and try it out. DCS has come a long way!
  12. I tried serveral things including reinstalling and 'repairing.' I've come to the conclusion the the update broke the sim. :doh:
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