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  1. yes i use my coalition units (Uh1) and its fine at first time. second time when i want to refuel an rearm there is no answer and no reaction. besides do not have GPU. I read that good solution would be place APA 50 as a coalition unit to have support of GPU.
  2. definitely not, becouse recieving "unable to comply" answer
  3. This is strange, becouse starting other mission (don't remember its name - pilot rescue) I am able to call for GPU and it works. About FARP refuel and rearm I have to check the resourses maybe there is not suffitient number of the stuff. Thank you anyway.
  4. My question reffers to a FARP. When I created a new one with all logistc stuff next to it (fuel, ammo, tent, CP, 2 vehicles) still don't have GPU assistance. And when I refuel and rearm a chopper once, there is no possibility to do this once again. Thank you for you answer.
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