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  1. First off thanx for the reply and thanx for the suggestions. I hope my problem is not due to the overvoltage on the cpu on the overclock since i think i still had this issue when i was not overclocking. To get to your questions, yes i did apply the nvidia recommended patches; i keep the OS uptodate with the Windows Updates and i m not sure if that would be the same as installing SP1 i believe it is. No other program crashes except for explorer which stalls sometimes while streaming, however no blue screens or anything like that. No other program makes the pc reboot like LockOn. All the times i checked the error referred to a file that had to do with lockon when it was not lockon.exe itself.
  2. Another smart post.. it s amazing the amount of useless people on the planet.
  3. Vista has that same option and it has been checked since install to make sure the program would run. However, the issue is that the compatibility option does help when a program has trouble starting, in this case the program starts, but crashes after some time. I tried running with compatibility eabled and disabled and i cant see any difference, it runs and crashes in both instances.
  4. well the problem started when the cpu was not overclocked, the clocking didnt change the effects i guess..
  5. Reporting back to say that even with the onboard audio, no creative drivers installed the problem still exists. Tried no audio at all in game and also disabling the audio card, those also did not work. On a positive note the avi recorder works (which never did for me on xp)
  6. That info is actually in the first 5 lines of the original post Yes and Yes The price is right, creative hardware it is, also mentioned in the post but i m pretty sure you just guessed it. I ll try that out but i think it was happening with the Realtek Onboard audio as well.. we ll see
  7. Plenty of other minidump files available upon request.. crashes are daily to say the least...
  8. Lockon keeps crashing when it feels like, single player as well as multi. PC keeps rebooting regularly right after the program gets closed. Still no solution to the issue and noone to talk to about it...
  9. I just downloaded the track and watched the whole video. Very cool track but i wanted to mention something about it ... isnt the whole mission based on a tactic possible only by exploiting the game ? I dont mean to be polemic.. but the way the pilot gets on the enemy's six flying 9 meters off the water is cool and looks awesome in a video and all but still .. i find that a bit odd as a 'training video'. Just pushing the paradox here, but it s a bit like saying 'hey kids you can do this to avoid enemy radar' it s an exploit but we wont mention that ;). Dont get me wrong, i m a huge fan, i started flying this sim thanxs to Iron's training videos, 6 thumbs up man. I just dont think it should be shown as an actual tactic the way the author shows it in the video. This track is great for suggestions and advice on the use of the wingman, i just dont agree on basing the suggested tactic on an exploit. That said thanx for the cool track i enjoyed watching it.
  10. As previously mentioned on this same thread, there s no solution to this bug as of now. Different drivers will not solve the issue. Turn down full shadows to the next available setting, which should be active planar shadows and that should get rid of the issue.
  11. Try pressing CTRL + T and then try to level the plane out .. see if that makes a difference.
  12. Graphical Issues were present in XP as well and they still are. I remember my own issues there when i used to run XP myself. The fact that the Vista Os and Lockon are not compatible is not entirely true. There s a handful of people blessed by god knows what that can run the two just fine. The problem is that Lockon wasnt coded FOR Vista, or with it in mind.. not even close. The audio issues reflect this since in Vista the audio stack is completely different than what is under XP. Issued solved for most players that use creative hardware with Alchemy. I have it myself and works just fine after some time of struggling to find a solution. The phantomatic memory leak is something i still have to read up on but i am not sure what the issue is there since some argue there is one and others seem to disagree.. I have no disillusion of a patch at this point though it would be much more professional on ED's side to release one since they didnt do a great job the first time around. They re all up in BS, DCS and whatever that LOMAC is on a different priority list alltogether. What I would like to know is what does this memory dump say ? What is the error ? What is happening ? Why is it crashing ? What does it depend on ? Is it another application in the background causing this ? But most of all .. i would like to know that there is someone looking into it ! From a customer point of view... that isnt really too much to ask for.
  13. Your car breaks down and u buy a new one right ? Would you at least have the curtesy of reading the post before saying "go get xp" .. that s not even acceptable after the release of a patch that was supposed to fix compatibility with vista. I swear people are just so used to the way things are that just about noone is willing to step up and make an effort to actually DO something to even attempt to make things better. What is that ? Your attitude is just like "heh you know this is how it is, take it or leave it..", a classic coming from an American, definitely not impressive.
  14. Rant-time Well it s been almost a week now and noone has posted a reply with any relevance to the problem...:music_whistling: At this point i am a little disappointed with the support :( and I am wondering if the posts here are usefull at all. I mean if i cant get a reply to a problem i am having why am i reporting the issue in the first place ?:wallbash: So that i can share my "bad experience" with other forum users ? So we can all cry together ? :sad_2::ranting::sad_2::drunk::ranting::sad_2: Yes sure some people have experience with pc's and can point u in the right direction with some simple issues, but what about a more complex issue, unexpected behaviour, or uncommon problems related specifically to the game ? Nobody is gona be able to help you with those unless they have some knowledge of the game's code and programming.. I am sure someone is now thinking "well this attitude wont really get you anywhere.." :doh: well "before" the "attitude display" i wasnt getting much either so .. not a real change there.. but at least i am voicing my concerns, and if they are misplaced concern please tell me so, so i might be reassured myself that something will actually come out of these bug reports. As of now, however, nothing to report so maybe it should rightfully be me -the customer- being upset, not the support group or whoever it is that would be upset reading this.. Thats a bit beyond my point but com on... I was at least expecting an aknowledgement.. "yes, thank you for posting about this issue but we have no clue how to fix it or what it depends on :dunno:" which at least is better than "go buy xp :thumbdown:" especially after a patch that was supposed to keep things within the compatibility range with Vista. Frustrated Pilot - Over and Out. :pilotfly:
  15. Yes you need to have the .NET installed in order to install the drivers, it s a Windows update installation .. just go to the windows update page and get the .NET framework. You ll be able to install the video drivers just fine after that. Dont forget to reboot ;) Cheers EDIT: Actually just to make it clear, i believe the .NET framework is necessary to install the control panel for the ATI drivers, not the drivers themselves.. just thought i d point that out. You should be able to install the standalone drivers without control panel even without the .NET but since you re at it you might as well have some control over the drivers' options and install the works. ;)
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