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  1. @MAXsennado you have some documentation on ffb? i'd love to see whats going on under the hood - i'd like to be able to take on a project for someFFB rudders, but if there is no Z axis built into the directinput standard - prolly screwed on that. This guy has done something with ffb rudders: http://www.simprojects.nl/rudder_pedals_with_force_feedback.htm
  2. Man i hate to tell you this, but that particular stick has always been a POS. I can assure you that the MSFFB2, as well as the G940 both function well in DCS, though this is an aircraft specific experience in terms of which effects you're going to feel. Which module are you trying to fly with the stick?
  3. I am so excited for this. Getting a big boy CNC router early next year - this will be a project in the early days, cant wait.
  4. Can we get some kinda reply here? Why is this team incapable of responding?
  5. i didnt do a great job of documenting my work in my post, but i did include the bodnar board in my build. it lives in parallel to the stick's native output - and does offer improved precision and kills the deadzone.
  6. lol your laziness apparently extends to not bothering to look at a forum join date too. You've literally added nothing to the discussion - which is moot anyway as Alpen has rendered a decision. Cool self own - smart and insightful!
  7. Just jumping in to say - screw the F-104. The F-105 is the better choice! Thud all the way! Seriously though, the untapped Cold War era aircraft are many and varied, and i'd buy all of them as soon as they're made available. Too much of DCS is MFD and glass cockpit systems work, i would love to see a return to stick and rudder, no FBW, early guided weapons, and get away from the overly modern birds (fun though they are).
  8. According to the dev team it is - see my post a couple pages back.
  9. Good stuff! This will sure help out those guys trying to get a virpil grip on an older stick for the FFB. as soon as i'm able to knock out the 15 other projects i've got going, lol, not to mention all of the honey-dos, i'll be able to start in on the G940 rebuild and the button boxes. This is what i mean: https://github.com/Flashgod-VR/G940-Total-Conversion-Kit
  10. well, there is a caveat to the TM compatible stick work, but yes do you have some preferred resources on the mmjoy2 setup? The caveat is that i understand the hand brake lever on the virpil sticks is inop when used as on a tm base - is this the case with the mmjoy2 setup?
  11. You know, I really was serious about his points being good, and valid - but his mouth foaming and hand waving at the slightest mention of adding something to the server, plus his pessimistic attitude about the community in general just rubbed me wrong. to me the issue is dead until @Alpenwolfdecides its not - I'm sure we'd all love the A4 to become an officially sanctioned module (would be nice if ED threw the team a bone and let them keep it open, and still add it to the roster), and we all know its not going to happen in the short term so its a dream suspended for now.
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