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  1. The device supports multiple USB ports, keyboard and mouse among other devices. Any plans for DCS to migrate or provide next gen console support version of DCS? Don't hate me for asking ;) War thunder seems to work great on PS4, and on that extent I feel a doable, but curious on the willingness from ED? Truth be told there is big money to be made with Next Gen consoles ;)
  2. Just saw the last video posted today, it looks impressive. Awesome Job ED :thumbup:
  3. In the past there were files (either cfg or lua) that we could maximize your bandwidth throughput to prevent these server timeout errors. I wish to maximize my 30/10 mbit connection for hosting and joining, besides selecting LAN. Can someone put me back into memory lanes on what files I need to modify? Is this option still feasible? edit: I'm looking right now at netview.lua it shows default port as being 10309, thought the port was 10308? Thanks
  4. My recommendation is wait for burn through, until you get pos ID if bogey is friend or foe, but then again, some are trigger happy lol. And lets be honest in MP some find enabling ECM is good, but then again you light up like an Xmas tree when you do. I guess that would never change, and please don't lol. You remain a target until you have identified yourself to your side. This is were raygun comes in handy, if you don't reply, then you are most likely a bandit...
  5. I would agree my CPU is way old school by today standard hype. However It's not because you have hyper threaded or 6 cores or more that will make this game yield out better FPS. You forget that most developers, do not code on the extent of taking advantage above 4 cores. Even then...(most games take advantages of disabling HT to get better FPS) But I agree that my CPU needs an upgrade, but I need a whole new PC for this lol. I would even, if possible just upgrade the current quad for better Megahertz, I have no need to go above quad CPU right now, but they are no longer available. My only possible would be and I5 since their are cheap, easy to overclock. I7 IMO is too much for the price and is overhyped. Does ED take advantage of Multi threading as it should? Not yet IMO, maybe with EDGE... The facts are most games know days are ports, so what we have as consoles today, suffice to say, my old putter still have some fight in it. As for my GPU, hell of long run I had with it and it still has some kicks left in it. Have no issues with BF3 /BF4, Skyrim, Crysis 3 or any other games for that matter. True I might not be able to take advantages of all the nuts and glory of DX11.1, but heck, it's still beautiful the way it is in my eyes... As for speedtest, I did my homework. Trust me I have 30/10. I actually told my ISP to lower my bandwith since my router could not handle the load and well lets be honest, it's not really the download that counts, but your upload if you want to host. In the end well I struck a deal for unlimited bandwidth, yes, I, as much Canadian have too, have to pay more for "unlimited" no cap. And please, this was not a bug report, it was an observation and requested suggestions, that is all. Thread closed since DieHard already confirmed my hypothesis. Have a nice flight all. EDIT I do have to point out that while on MP, after a while an hour or so, killing birds, landing, taking off again, redo, re land. Then at some point it starts to lag abnormally to a point that I’m wondering if it still has memory leak issues...
  6. I agree, I might have been too hasted in posting this thread, played all week and remarkably it was stable. So your reasoning might have been the root cause.
  7. What’s the deal? I have a 30/10mbit connection. My bandwidth setting in game is set to LAN. Annoying when this happens.... Any suggestions?
  8. Hi, I know i have them locally when I installed the game. However would it be possible if not already done to ensure that the current manuals on the main portal are up to date and insert the remaining manuals? Currently missing: DCS world, Combat Arms, UH-1H, etc in the document section. Thanks in advance. Regards,
  9. I actually meant add not replace ;)
  10. If you can afford it I suggest to get another 4Gig of ram...
  11. I love this app thanks for supporting ED. Works great
  12. Latest version of modman no longer shows DCS world for some reason when starting it...
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