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  1. I think it's been concluded that this is not correct. The resolution displayed in SteamVR when adjusting the resolution percentage slider is not your actual resolution of the panels on your Reverb, as the original image is shrunk and distored to be displayed correctly in the VR set. Setting anything lower than 100% is actually downscaling the image.
  2. Has the F/A-18 radar issues regarding difficulties with detection/lock of helicopters been fixed?
  3. Radar unable to see or lock helicopters. Not in any radar mode (RWS/TWS/ACM/GUN) regardless of PRF setting. This is a pretty big issue and it's not been fixed for half a year now! Any status update on this @BIGNEWY?
  4. Wow this was truly remarkable!! Easy to install! Worked wonders for my RTX 2080 and Reverb G2! The FPS might only be a little increased, but the image quality is better overall and the complete lack of stutters is fantastic!
  5. It may also be that he didn't take the screenshot exactly when this happened. I've seen this happen too, that gun round impact visual effect is not drawn at long distances. It's problably going to be corrected in a patch. Gun round impact visual effect is present at 4km+ range in the KA-50.
  6. Your conclusion seems plausible to me. I also think that last bit sounds like a great idea. I was thinking along the lines of having a special option in the settings allowing for perfect alignment regardless. But your suggestion is better.
  7. Anyone else having even more trouble boresighting as CPG? Struggled last night with this. Usually succeed pretty well as Pilot. I don't know if the fact that the CPG is seated off center to the left from the boresight thingy adds to the trouble. If you get an "off" boresighting at night, I got nauseous because the PNVS/TADS overlay on your right eye does not match up with what your left eye see.
  8. This. Flew last night with a friend in the pilot seat. Only points of type WP was able to be DIR set by me as CPG and the pilot could see the change. The current DIR was not changed for the pilot when I set a CM's or TG's as DIR.
  9. I have not seen this confirmed by ED anywhere. IIRC it DOES make him search again, just at the same spot you told him to search last time. So down long may still produce a different list than last time, if you changed your vantage point since last search, so George now can see new targets or if he lost sight if some.
  10. I've had this a couple of times. Seamed to me you have to be pretty much perfectly lined up with the designated target to be able to fire. EDIT: If using LOAL mode.
  11. Ok so here's my reply @dmatsch: Please post hardware specs, as well as DCS system (graphics) settings, and what FPS you're getting and what tool is measuring the FPS. FPS is something measurable and something we more easily discuss and try to help you with. Stutters on the other hand is a black hole that can come from lots of different reasons. Are you having high FPS but alot of stuttering, or low FPS alltogether looking "stuttery"?
  12. Thanks Big! I'm fairly certain I've seen a list result where a SAM unit has not been at the top of the target list... but until myself or someone else verifies this we'll leave it for now.
  13. No, long down is as BigNewy posted above, "research last designated search spot". The sole purpose of this command (as far as I understand) is that you don't have to put your eyes on the target to re-search the same spot again. In other regards it works just as the up-short-command. He will make a new search/scan of the last designated search spot and display the list again based on what he finds this time. If the previously "lased and stored" target (that was lost) is in the same spot, you could think it would be at the top of the list, but it might not, because at the previous search, you might have selected a target from the list that was farthest away from the search "point". I agree this needs further clarification. However, there could/should be another way around this (if things work correctly). If you do a up short command, select a target from the target list, George should lase and store the target. If that's the case you could change acquisition source to that target point which would make George slave the TADS to it. But for now I believe George doesn't actually store the target as a point, and probably wouldn't acquire the target for weapons delivery again "automagically" either. We're still in early early access and I'm confident George as CPG functionality will be fleshed out further to make it smoother to operate. @BIGNEWYWhen performing George up short or down long commands, how is the list of targets sorted? By distance from designated "search at"-point, by threat level or type? Or perhaps both in some way?
  14. I hope this will get implemented. It is my experience so far that George will NOT re-aquire a lost target automatically. The George command down long, commands a re-search of the same area, but I’m unsure if the target select menu is designed to give the target closest to the designated point will appear in the top of the list… If it does in fact work that way, that’s the next best thing really, to George auto reaquiring the target. Needs to be tested and confirmed though…
  15. Someone else said it was adjusted with the ADF volume knob.
  16. Just set generous curves on the stick and it’s fixed.
  17. Good to hear you’re making some (however small) progress. Yes keep reporting your findings, it might eventually end up helping someone else!
  18. Yeah I figured you already had tested my suggestions. At this time I’m sad to say I’ve got no other obvious suggestions.
  19. Hey no worries, mate. I work in IT too so I know how it goes. It gets tedious as hell when ruling out the most simple and obvious things... But so to be clear, you seem to have a stable system. But I'm unclear what you're saying exactly about the graphics card. Have you tested it with the 1060, to rule out the 6700XT? If not, I'm thinking there still might be some issue with the 6700XT, since it's only crashing when in VR, I'm thinking maybe it's a problem with the output to the VR set in combination with a performance hungry application as DCS? Tried different displayports for the VR set? Tried different USB or USB-C ports for the VR set? I'm also remembering there being a problem with a certain AMD motherboard chipset in combination with VR, it's not that?
  20. Sorry to hear that. Understandably frustrating. Your issues were indicating something else though imho. BSOD these days usually indicate some kind if hardware error, as Windows is so stable and can handle most software crashes including driver crashes. The error you were describing in your post above " FATAL_DXGKRNL_ERROR" sounds to me like "Fatal DirectX Kernel Error" where I'd be inclined to suspect the graphics card or a dependency to it. It might be driver error, but those doesn't always end with a BSOD/Reboot. Firstly to rule out the Reverb actually being faulty, I'd hook it up to another capable computer and test running DCS with it. If there's no issues then it's not the Reverb that's faulty. Then I'd start with testing different driver versions. If no luck, my top picks to investigate would be (if able): 1. Remove (if any) applied OC to the graphics card. 2. Reinstall Windows with a clean install. 3. Test with another knowingly sufficient power supply unit. 4. Test with another graphics card If none of those tests alleviate the crashes, it might be a faulty RAM stick(s), CPU or motherboard.
  21. When will the terminal guidance parameters for JSOW and Walleye/SLAM/SLAM-ER be finished? Is work ongoing with the completion of these features?They are completely unfunctional so far.
  22. Yeah I do that too but it's still not AS good as in the A-10C.
  23. This is probably something to do with the views LUA settings in DCS. Just as a quick check if thats actually it, you could : 1. Rename the folder Saved Games\"View" to "View.backup" 2. Start up DCS and reenable VR if needed. 3. Start a quick flight and check if view is still tilted. If that is not the problem, you can delete the newly created folder View, and rename back the View.backup to View.
  24. This sounds exactly like the problem I had. After the lines came, soon the HMD would go black. Problem was the cable. Got a new "V2 cable" from HP and all those issues were resolved.
  25. +1 I want this to get done/fixed. If it works for JDAM it shouldn't be so different for the JSOW no?
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