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  1. Congratulations to both teams. I am sure together you will reach new heights in aviations. May you have a good, rewarding and enriching collaboration witch gives quality aircraft to all of us.
  2. Okay I checked this. It turned out that they were not bounded, which I find odd as I have never been in and messing around in these settings. But after bind mouse button 2, which is the default one it works. Thanks for the help and point me in the right direction
  3. Im not getting the option in UH-1, KA-50, A-10C. I have not checked all aircraft
  4. It looks like the Cockpit Visual Recon Mode is broken. (L Alt +C) I can not use it anymore.
  5. I´m hoping we will see some updates about the new KA-50 model and know how the Dev is going. in next Newsletter. :thumbup:
  6. This tread was started 4 years ago. Well how close are we to see this on the battlefield? With all the new helicopters coming + the new maps we need this so bad.
  7. If I´m not wrong, I think ED is giving all the effect an overhall and upgrade. If this include what you ask for, it would be great.
  8. :thumbup:This a great idea. I hope we will see this in the future.
  9. The JU-88 A4 was one of my favored airplane in IL-2 FB and CLOD. I would love to see this one in DCS and will be a buy day one :thumbup:
  10. SU-27 instant buy F-15 not going to. I have both the F-16 / F18 and Eurofighter in dev. I don´t need another Nato aircraft for now.
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