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  1. Thanks for this. Hopefully one of the devs picks up on it. It would be fantastic to only have to perform a G-Warmup once per sortie in DCS.
  2. @f4l0 The piston RPM effect is working again, at least for the P-51D, and the new effect feels good. I like it quite a bit better than the old effect, thanks!
  3. @f4l0 Amazing work on this! Can't fly without it...
  4. Hello Bankler, I have a feature request if you are interested. I've used the mission enough that I no longer need or want the intermediate messages and I find them a little distracting, so I went into your script and added a radio option, called Silent Mode, that turns all player messages off from step 1 through 11 just leaving the beginning and end messages (steps 0 and 12). This way I only get the init and summary messages. It works really nice. It was easy to implement and thought others might like this option as well. Thanks again!
  5. Thanks for this Bankler, I use it all the time and don't think I ever properly thanked you!
  6. Don't worry about it _mu110_, I just went and updated a version I posted earlier in this thread. It is all working good now. Thanks again.
  7. Glad it works for you. It doesn't for me (OB
  8. Just want to report that my old Wacom CTE-440 (renamed Bamboo later) is working good with this. Thanks!
  9. Hey _mu100_, is it possible you could include a link to the mod for 2.5.5 still? I haven't switched over to 2.5.6 yet and for various reasons need to reinstall this mod. Thanks!
  10. Thanks for that. I was wondering why sometimes the ASL would be pretty far off.
  11. Would really love to see an in game mission/campaign publishing/browsing system. How fun and easy would it be to be able to publish missions directly from the ME. I could make a mission, hit publish, fill in some details about the mission and done. People could immediately try it out - all ingame. I suspect the amount of content that would be created and therefore easily available in DCS would grow tremendously if this basic system was implemented. I would like to be able to easily browse, ingame, published missions (continuously growing), filtering them by various options (dcs version, aircraft, map, unit density, type, etc.), try it out and then give it a rating afterwards. Good missions would rise and poor ones fall. It would be very helpful if this system allowed for the downloading of dependencies for the missions as well. Obviously, I think this would be a very nice addition to the core game features of DCS while we wait for and even alongside the dynamic campaign. This area of DCS really needs attention. The simulation side is great, performance/graphics are improving, the game side - not so much. It really hasn't changed or been touched for many many years. Off the top of my head I think the biggest addition on the game side has been the "Create Fast Mission" option.
  12. Nice list and keep working hard! Is the CAS page planned at any point? Thanks
  13. Why such a stark contrast of text quality/readability between aircraft and also within the SAME aircraft, such as the Huey? Is there anything that can be done? See the attached screenshots. The Hornet and Huey CMS panel are fantastic. However the A-10, Viper, F-5, the rest of the Huey are not. A couple of notes. 1. I fly in VR. 2. Texture settings on Low or High makes virtually no difference for the text. The Hornet and the Huey CMS text is unchanged and stays perfectly clear and readable regardless of the setting. Whereas the cockpits/panels with blurry text stays blurry unless (on HIGH textures only) I move my face to within 6" of the panel. However on low and medium the text stays blurry even 1-2" inches away.
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