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  1. Version 1.0.6 released: https://github.com/Quaggles/dcs-input-command-injector/releases/tag/1.0.6 Updated mod to be compatible with DCS Data.lua changes
  2. Version 1.0.5 released: https://github.com/Quaggles/dcs-input-command-injector/releases/tag/1.0.5 Allows `Config/Input` files to be merged, useful for merging `Aircrafts\common_joystick_binding.lua`, this allows you to add binds that will be automatically merged with most modules from a single file (Thanks @Ryuk47) Updated data.lua to current DCS World Version, adds SideWinder Force Feedback 2 Joystick in the default assignments. (Thanks @Ryuk47) Updated `InputCommands.zip` skeleton to contain AH-64D paths and `Aircrafts\common_joystick_binding.lua` + `Aircrafts\common_keyboard_binding.lua`
  3. Ah good to see it's all sorted, not sure what went wrong but as Munkwolf said if it happens again check dcs.log in C:\Users\USERNAME\Saved Games\DCS\Logs. That should give some hints about the problem.
  4. The first thing I'd do is enable your mod then open /Scripts/Input/Data.lua in the DCS install, go to around line 80 and confirm you see a bunch of lines with Quaggles in it, for example lines 78 to 84 should be this: --[[ Insert this code into "DCSWorld\Scripts\Input\Data.lua" above the function "loadDeviceProfileFromFile" Then add the line: QuagglesInputCommandInjector(filename, folder, env, result) into the "loadDeviceProfileFromFile" function below the line: status, result = pcall(f) ]]-- If that exists then the mod is installed to the correct location. Also the new keybinds won't necessarily be in a 'Quaggles Custom' category, that's just the category I set for keybinds I make. If you are using the community keybinds mod they will have picked categories for their own keybinds, for example if you look at their F-86 ones you can see the categories in the last table for each line, in the case of "Drop Tank Selector Switch ALL TANKS OFF" it is in the categories: 'Drop Tank Control Panel', 'Fuel System' and 'Custom' {down = fuel_commands.F86_CockpitDeviceCommand_TankSelector_Sw, cockpit_device_id = devices.FUEL_INTERFACE, value_down = 0.0, name=_('Drop Tank Selector Switch ALL TANKS OFF'), category = {_('Drop Tank Control Panel'), _('Fuel System'), _('Custom')}},
  5. Hardlinking isn't required, just makes things nicer since it will keep the joystick and keyboard default.lua files linked so they will always match when you modify one. You can just have a separate copy of the default.lua in the joystick and keyboard folders if hardlinking doesn't work, just keep them matching manually to avoid weird issues.
  6. Version 1.0.4 released: https://github.com/Quaggles/dcs-input-command-injector/releases/tag/1.0.4 Allows UiLayer input commands to be injected (Thanks @davidp57) Supports DCS Data.lua changes
  7. I recommend using Visual Studio Code with the vscode-lua extension, it will highlight your syntax errors and can save a lot of time troubleshooting
  8. Yes, I just tested it and this works: {down = iCommandPlaneCobra, up = iCommandPlaneCobra, value_down = 1.0, value_up = 0.0, name = _('ASC Direct Control (Cobra) (Hold)'), category = _('Quaggles Custom')},
  9. Yeah I'd try using that skeleton template that was posted and if that's still failing read the section on the GitHub page about enabling logs. Can I get your permission to put this directly on the GitHub to make it easier for first time setup?
  10. You might find this mod I just posted useful, allows you to put all your custom inputs in your `Saved Games` folder so you don't need to merge them with the module input changes when DCS updates.
  11. Summary A mod that allows you to configure custom input commands inside your Saved Games/DCS/ folder instead of inside your game folder, when DCS is run these commands are merged in with the default aircraft commands. This method avoids having to manually merge your command changes into each aircrafts default commands when DCS updates. After reading the install guide I'd recommend also looking at the DCS Community Keybinds project by Munkwolf, it uses this mod and contains many community requested input commands without you needing to code them manually. The goal of this mod Commonly in DCS users with unique input systems will need to create custom input commands to allow them to use certain aircraft functions with their HOTAS. Some examples are: Configuring 3 way switches on a Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS to control switches the module developer never intended to be controlled by a 3 way switch Configuring actions that only trigger a cockpit switch while a button is held, for example using the trigger safety on a VKB Gunfighter Pro to turn on Master Arm while it's flipped down and then turn off Master Arm when flipped up Adding control entries that the developer forgot, for example the Ka-50 has no individual "Gear Up" and Gear Down" commands, only a gear toggle In my case, on my Saitek X-55 Throttle there is an airbrake slider switch that when engaged registers as a single button being held down, when the slider is disengaged the button is released. In DCS by default few aircraft support this type of input so a custom input command is needed, in my case for the F/A-18C: {down = hotas_commands.THROTTLE_SPEED_BRAKE, up = hotas_commands.THROTTLE_SPEED_BRAKE, cockpit_device_id = devices.HOTAS, value_down = -1.0, value_up = 1.0, name = 'Speed Brake Hold', category = {'Quaggles Custom'}}, Until now the solution was to find the control definition file DCSWorld\Mods\aircraft\FA-18C\Input\FA-18C\joystick\default.lua and insert your custom command somewhere inside of it, if you weren't using a mod manager then every time the game was updated your change would be erased and you'd need reinsert your commands into the files for every aircraft you changed. If you were using a mod manager such as OVGME if you reapplied your mod after an update and the developers had changed the input commands things could break and conflict. With this mod you should just need to re-enable it after every DCS update with OVGME and your custom commands are safe with no need no change anything. Link with install instructions, download and some examples: https://github.com/Quaggles/dcs-input-command-injector
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