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  1. Playing a mission on Syria, I dropped 4 JDAMs from my f-16 and right when the 4th impacted I got a crash to desktop. Log zip folder included. dcs.log-20220327-012658.zip
  2. Thanks for those resources, in your copy of the manual on page 86 is the PCN Utilization section filled in? Mine is blank and says "the INS will be fully described on final release". Does the manual update automatically or do I have to find an updated version?
  3. So I haven't flown the Mirage in a few months and I understand that the INS has been implemented in some form so I'm trying to learn how to use it. The manual section on the INS says "refer to INS alignment" but that section appears to be incomplete at this time. I've been searching all over the internet but I haven't found any tutorials on how to use the INS so I am led to one of two conclusions, either: 1) I am somehow mistaken and the INS at its current state does not function, but I have seen forum posts like this : http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=169124&highlight=INS+align which suggests that it is implemented. or 2) The INS is implemented but the manual hasn't been updated. Can anyone help me? Is the INS implemented? If so, how do I start it up and align it? Thanks for anyone who can help.
  4. My God, What Have We Done? Pop some corks ED, you earned it.
  5. DISREGARD THIS POST Turns out I was being dumb and not seeing the right switch which was tucked away in a corner. So in the first training mission after loading in and pressing fly a text box shows up asking me to press space, which I do. Then, another text box pops in briefly and says "follow the white rabbit (Start#1)" or something like that I don't remember exactly. After that text box goes away nothing happens. I can still look around the cockpit and interact with everything but no further text boxes pop up and no switches are ever highlighted like in other training sessions. I have tested the other Mig-21 training missions and this is the only one that the bug occurs on. I did search around and I found a thread about this exact problem but OP said later that it suddenly started working so it gave me no way to fix it. http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=130347&highlight=ramp+start
  6. So the mi-8 English cockpit mod (http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=114166) doesn't work anymore for me since the most recent update. Anybody have a fix for this?
  7. So I ran DCS to download the new update but it just launched the game without updating. I tried running the DCS_updater manually and it still just ran the game without updating. Anything else I can do or do I have to wait 24 hours for the updater to check by itself? Edit: Managed to get the update to run with the help of this post: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=114030
  8. Ok I understand now, I guess I'll have to save up for Track IR 5.
  9. I did what that comment said but when I start a mission the camera still points straight up and is unresponsive.
  10. So I've been trying to get FreeTrackNoIR to work with DCS: World. What happens when I start a mission is that the camera looks straight up and is totally unresponsive to my head movements. I've been looking around the forums and I found this thread: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=91185&highlight=freetrack After viewing that I went looking for the Input.lua file and it just wasn't in that folder. Lots of other input type .lua files, but no Input.lua. For reference I installed DCS: World through steam and the only module I have is Flaming Cliffs 3.
  11. Why have the devs done this though? I don't understand. The US must be advanced enough to make a route following autopilot if the Russians can.
  12. It pretty much happens just like I said. Carrier aircraft will be lined up for takeoff at the start of the mission, but their wings are in the folded position like so: Then they launch, but with their wings still folded, the pilot ejects and the plane crashes: I will note that I am just starting to make missions in DCS: World but before I had a lot of experience making AI aircraft operate from carriers just fine in Flaming Cliffs 2. In the editor, everything is exactly the same. I tell the aircraft to "take off from ramp", they snap to the carrier, but for some reason they start with their wings folded and never unfold them. Can anyone help me out?
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