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  1. If brc=wind direction then there is always a9° crossing from the right
  2. Thanks a lot for the input , I appreciate it ! DCS USB Hotplug option disabled? -> It wasn't and now is, no major change Temps ok where there is no throttling going on? -> Checked with MSI afterburner all under 85°C Deleted DCS fxo and metashader folder contents recently? -> I did now, no changes Do you have the same issues on the hoggit training or gaw servers on caucasus? -> Actualy, no , it is much better on Hoggit Training, there were 24ppl online, it was playable, mostly above 30fps, sometimes dipped under, but not for long, 4YA, or enigma, impossible to make it work ... So it might only be very heavy servers, or Syria, or both
  3. Man ! This report is amazing ! Thanks a lot for all the effort you put in it. Very informative. I too have experienced often those phenomenon. It seems to be triggered by high VRAM or RAM usage. but still very elusive to catch. I hope that ED will look into it.
  4. I just tried again, with same option as above +visib range at medium. On Enigma cold war server in a viggen. Frankly barely playable to unplayable. FPS mostly under 30fps, most of the time down to 18-15fps. So can't even keep the motion re-projection at 30fps. So much jaggies everywhere I couldn't discern contact if I wanted to. Plus turning head results in a very stuttery experience. Again, afraid to repeat my self, but the gap between SP & MP is so great it is unbelievable . And it seems way worse compared to how DCS was 2years ago. Frankly I don't known what other option I can reduce to have something playable, As I said before I went down to 50% Custom resolution, and it looked absolutely terrible, but even then it wasn't smooth ... I guess I'll have to stick to 'other WW2 sims' to have a possibility to play on public MP server.
  5. nullHere are mysettings for SP .FOR MP, I tried with MSAA off as well. it will help a bit but still not good enough. You say you are not far off, but a 3090 is still a good 20-30% better than a 3070Ti + more VRAM & Ram & better CPU. my I7-7700K does not overclock very much at all & I tried anything, I am at 4.5Ghz can't get more. Don't you find that all the fences & taxi line at airports etc 'sparkle' way too much with MSAA off ?
  6. Yeah, it varies a lot. But back in the days (2019-2020) with my Cv1 & a GTX1070. Performance in MP were slightly worse than in SP. but no where such a big gap as it is today. I remember spending most of my DCS flying time on blue flag server. And I didn't readjust my settings in between playing SP&MP
  7. Hi Guys, After tweaking seriously my setup I can run VR pretty comfortably in SP, even in heavy missions. However hopping on the popular MP servers (Enigma is the worst unfortunately, but 4YA, blueflag are not great either) performances go down the drain. I tried to really reduce the pixel density, but unless I go ridiculously low, it still stays unplayable. I must CPU bottlenecked in MP (the fact that DCS perf suffer so much from a few simple scripts is quite appalling, but it is not the conversation here). I wonder however if any of you manage to get decent performance, and acceptable visuals to play on those popular servers ? And if yes, what are your specks ? Could I profit from a perf increase in MP if I upgraded my CPU to a more modern AMD or Intel CPU ? Here are my specs : i7-7700k / MSI Z270-A 48Gb DDR4 G.Skills Ripjaws V 3200Mhz Samsung Evo960 M.2 SSD Gigabyte RTX3070Ti HP Reverb G.2 -> in SP I run OpenXR, 70% custom resolution, MSAA 2x, Texture High, the rest on low. And I have around 64Fps, I lock reprojection at 45fps, and almost never my FPS go bellow 45. In MP I tried MSAA Off , texture low, down to 50% custom resolution, & I struggled to maintain 22.5fps ....
  8. Just tried to do a recon flight in the viggen, Doesn't seem to work, I took off with center fuel tank & KB pod & U22 pod. No message on take off. So Ianded back & only kept the center fuel tank. Again no message on take off. I still flew my recon mission & overflew some enemy group around 300m & M0.8, when landing back I received no special message
  9. Hi all, I have returned to the viggen after a long pause. And I noticed something weird with the aircraft. when cruising along (M0.9-0.8) with SPAK enabled, as one should, feets off the pedals, I often will notice that the aircraft will fly with a significant sideslip (about 0.5balls) to the right or to the left. And if I do nothing it will continue to fly with this sideslip ... If i use my rudder to center the ball however, from then on the ball will stay centered, even if i remove my feets from the pedals. Also, if I have this weird sideslip I noticed that if I turn off SPAK it goes away immediately ? It feels like the SPAK is not bringing the aircraft to 0 sideslip properly. Am I doing something wrong ? has anyone else noticed this ?
  10. Looks interesting ! I don't understand the fascination with the PointCtlr type device. In my experience a trackball + just moving your head to quickly point at what you want to activate works great and is very fast with some practice. This could be just a bit sleeker than a trackball. But really it would be a lot more beneficial if it can be mirrored to be used on the left hand.
  11. Looks like a very nice program. I installed it, but I feel almost retaded to ask this question : How to add .pdf files to it ? Can't find any option in the app. And I can't locate the installation folder ?
  12. Interesting I haven't heard this bug described like that, but it does indeed seem to correspond to what I am experiencing ! Would explain a lot.
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