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  1. Did a repair and fixed the issue. Must have been a bad modified file. Thanks for the support Big.
  2. Thanks big but no joy. I'll do a reinstall and see if that fixes anything. Will keep the post updated
  3. Just checked and no luck. May be an issue with game files which could have been modified. Just noticed that this issue happens with all helicopters.
  4. Track is larger than 5mb so here is the link to it. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1opAc93rB81UlgZCjsikcyv8cz5jFu6R5/view?usp=sharing
  5. Thanks for the reply Newy. I'm at a friendly airfield/FARP. I have tried it all. I'll post a track here in a second
  6. Has anyone had any issues in regards to rearming? I can refuel just fine, pick a new livery just fine, but for whatever reason, if I select anything form the ground crew options, my armament will get taken off. If I request new armament, I get an acknowledge from crew saying I'm being rearmed and nothing happens. I'll get a "Rearming complete" message but the pylons will be empty. REALLY ruins the immersion for this module. I have tried both hot, idle, cockpit doors open, and cold, nothing seems to work.
  7. Mav

    AH-64D VR

    So changing to medium absolutely fixed my performance problems with the 64. No more bottlenecking and dropped frames. Still having micro stutter though. Is that just something I'll have to deal with?
  8. Weird. The F16 handled perfectly for me. The AH-64 is the only module so far that has given me issues.
  9. I have a 1080Ti and Quest 2. Running an i9 overclocked too. Did some tweaks previously to help VR run better in VR but the apache is pretty heavy on my system it seems. Not sure what else to do until it's been out a little longer and people find work arounds. Glad it's running great on your end!
  10. Mav

    AH-64D VR

    Just flew. Flies awesome when TADS/FLIR isn't activated for pilot position. Once I turn that on I lose frames almost instantly and the screen starts to tear and chop. Unplayable afterwards. Hopefully it's fixed in a patch soon. Very fun to fly in the meantime.
  11. Late 90’s wouldn’t be bad! Would love to see some crown Victoria police cars and if you decide to get super modern, maybe even tahoes or explorers? Would be great to have some modern day emergency vehicles both PD and EMS/fire
  12. Awesome. Looking forward to the ambulance and squad cars the most. Any plans to add more modern looking vehicle models? Love the pack so far!
  13. Mav

    Moltar's Sound Mod

    Wondering the same. If anyone has a link it would be greatly appreciated. Luckily, sound mods can still be used in the Saved Games folder.
  14. Getting an issue. It is telling me I need the module "APACHE" to be installed? For the record, the mod is installed so, I'm not sure why it's not being recognized. Nevermind, got it. Just a bad first install. Love the mod, great work around.
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