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  1. Seeing the same behaviour. AI will not taxi for me at Latakia on Syria map and Al Minhad on Persian Gulf.
  2. I came back to the Mirage after a break and I just cannot get rid of the flashing P and get the radar up and running. Once I had the engine running, I set the radar to P CH and then to EM after getting to altitude but still won't warm up. Any ideas if this is a bug or if I'm doing something wrong?
  3. Got to mission 05 and shot down all enemies. Continued with the CAP and made sure I flew through all waypoints but nothing happened and I couldn't pass the mission. Maybe I missed a trigger somewhere?
  4. I only used one FARP. That must have been the problem. Will try again! Thanks.
  5. Really cool feature - tested it with some AI helicopters and they spawned on top of each other and exploded even though I selected separate parking spots. Is there something you need to select to make them appear without issues?
  6. Found time to do the first two missions and really enjoyable so far. Great job with the voice actors, really immersive. Especially Jester - cool to hear some more from him on top of the the usual stuff. Looking forward to completing this one and more of the same in the Persian Gulf campaign
  7. Also been with ED since the first SU-27 game came out in the mid 90s. It was a natural progression through the Flanker series and Lomac to DCS.
  8. Same issue here, glad I'm not the only one experiencing it.
  9. +1! Seems something changed here compared to the old A-10C. Probably an obvious solution...
  10. Would like to see an overlay of lights similar to the meatball on the supercarrier. Could be disabled if some players don't like it. That would really help.
  11. Looks great! At least a lot of the major battle sites in Syria are going to be included. Hope we get some new units and liveries though. Syrian Air Force L-39, MIG-29, technicals, etc. Lebanon also flies the Super Tucano so that should fit in well once Razbam finish it.
  12. Glad ED has been in touch. Was looking forward to replaying this one soon, definitely one of the best DLC campaigns for DCS!
  13. Tried the lua solution and the skins didn't show up anymore after editing it. Worked once and then the bort numbers were still there.
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