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  1. Clean up and repair worked. I had done the repair before posting but not the clean up. Thanks.
  2. Whenever I try to use the A-10C II, I get the CTD. The other modules are working fine. dcs.log
  3. Since the update today, enemy vehicles placed in the mission editor do not appear in game. This occurs in missions that were previously made as well as new missions. They don't appear on the map and they don't appear when I fly over the location. Suggestions?? ISSUES WAS RESOLVED AFTER CLEAN UP AND REPAIR.
  4. At this rate the new version could be years away. I wouldn't worry.
  5. Sounds like about 10 years worth of development work.
  6. I realize comparing X-Plane and DCS is not a fair comparison. However, using X-Plane's Vulkan Beta I'm getting about a 10% increase in FPS. I see on XP forums that AMD users are getting a larger increase. This may improve as the Beta progresses. I don't think Vulkan is going to be the game changer some are hoping it will be.
  7. I know this is not a fair comparison, however X-Plane has released their Vulkan Beta. Using a 2080 Super, I'm getting an increase of just over 5% FPS. X-Plane indicated that Nvidia users weren't going to see a huge increase in performance. AMD users are reporting a bit more in performance based on what I've read in the XP forums. Again, for whatever this is worth. I wouldn't expect Vulkan to be the game changer some folks are hoping for.
  8. You need to realign after re-arming, that's when you would use STORED as it will take the data from the initial alignment.
  9. Are you arming at the same time? I read in a post that advised to arm before or after INS alignment, not during. I don't know if that is accurate.
  10. Just curious. What games/sims don't experience similar issues when releasing a beta? Secondly, why do so many of you use OB if you don't want to deal with broken items? Why not stay with the stable version until things get sorted?
  11. So, I'm guessing you guys were against using CCR Fortunate Son for those Viet Nam Huey videos like this one?
  12. I'm using a i7 4790k with a RTX 2080 Super in 4K. I just installed the 2080...replacing a 980ti. I have to say my FPS have improved. In a MP mission....departing Nellis...I had been getting 15-20 FPS until I got some distance from the city. I am now getting 25 steady at Nellis and 40's once I leave that area.
  13. There are symbols there that I don't think are available with Excel.
  14. If modules were complete I wouldn't be opposed. $20.00 per month is excessive and I certainly wouldn't pay that a month waiting for a module to be completed. I like the idea of the consumer having more leverage with a subscription.
  15. Would love to see some WIP preview pics of the cockpit for V2.
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