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  1. How did you find the FOV in your S vs CV1? Does it feel worse, easily adjustable to make it feel equal?
  2. Hi guys, I'm hearing a lot of reports on other sites that FOV on the Rift S feels like wearing a pair of swimming goggles or looking through two squares cut out of a piece of cardboard. Can anyone comment on FOV in DSC with the Rift S? Even better, can anyone who's upgraded from CV1 to the Rift S comment on FOV in DCS? Is it noticeably different, for better, for worse? Does it detract from the experience? Do the pros of the S outweigh the FOV con, assuming the FOV is worse?
  3. Hi I'm interested in getting the MongoosT-50 as I get back into SIMs with VR. My previous stick when I played Flaming Cliffs was an X52 original. I'm seeing a lot of concern from Warthog users and other stick brands who say it's hard to use the Virpil stick with US aircraft control (slewing and hats). This worried me in my research as I only tend to fly US aircraft. But then thinking about it and looking back at my old X52, it never had a thumb hat or anything Warthog similar, and I think I managed fine in the F15C. If I recall correctly, I actually used a throttle nipple stick to aim my radar. So based on that, would I really have that hard a time mapping the Virpil stick to the US aircraft controls, or is it more so a concern for hardcore enthusiasts who want near matching experiences? edit: holy cow I have 383 posts, I must of been an active monkey......10 years ago
  4. I'm still upset Italy canceled their latest order of the Typhoon in favour of the F35. Ugh.
  5. Looks so gorgeous flying that well with a full combat load. First time done at an airshow apparently. I have no idea how to embed vids on this site.
  6. the C is also lacking in T/W ratio
  7. I thought the flare was his attempt to abort and climb.
  8. Interesting. The back seater survived, ejecting "four-tenths of a second earlier at 744 feet". I thought the back seat comes out second usually? no?
  9. What was the aftermath of this? Pilot error?
  10. F16's in Afghanistan documentary http://www.militaryphotos.net/forums/showthread.php?180687-F-16-Fighting-Falcon-Mission-Afghanistan-%28documentary-YT%29
  11. Hey guys, have any of you tired FC2 with eyefinity?
  12. I also would like this. I currently have 2x XFX 4890's up for sale....
  13. You're gonna want 750W minimum and four 6pin connectors.
  14. wow first time i've seen this thread as I'm not around here much anymore. Very interesting news! Might have to do a re-install for this!
  15. I like what you've said EricJ. To those who have such an issue with this video being posted....what do you honestly expect? Like I'm not saying to bugger off or anything, but really; look at the type of forum you are in, look at the category of this sub forum; these types of videos will be posted, they fit the category, they are on topic and cover the material that we come in here to see. That's how I feel about it. I figure anyway that most people that come here are avid internet users, and the way I see it, any avid internet user has 'seen it all'.
  16. how is an aim9 going to get from underwater to an aircraft up to a 1000ft above the water? aim9 has like what...5 mile range when launched at speed and altitude. now it has to travel vertically with no forward and momentum....
  17. :| I can't believe you guys are still arguing over the possibility of lightning bringing the plane down. That's the last thing I think it was.... I'm putting all my money in that it was not lightning :D
  18. This definitely helps answer some of my questions http://edition.cnn.com/2009/TECH/06/03/db.plane.nav.tracking/index.html?iref=mpstoryview
  19. well debris from the crash has been confirmed including a seat, life jacket, bits of metal and jet fuel, other bits and even a turbine or some engine part. Thing is....earlier today they say at first the automated messages sent from the aircraft reported electrical system failures and compression issues. Now they say the computer reported "complete system failure" and decompression. So that in combination with the lack of any form of mayday call means it must have been a near instant, if not instant catastrophic event. I mean unless all forms of comms were knocked out and things progressed from bad to worse thereafter and the pilots simply had no way of communicating....but I'm thinking the former is what occurred.... I am quite baffled as to how it can be so hard to find a downed aircraft. I would assume airlines would have live data feeds of gps co-ordinates their entire flights. And if so, surely they could calculate how far the aircraft could have traveled based of the last gps coordinate received? I honestly have no idea how this stuff works, just thinking out loud here. And apart from GPS what about some other form of satellite tracking, I mean isnt there some sort of satellite to aircraft datalink going on or something, like anything!? And then this blackbox. We always have to retrieve them and their valuable data which is always a huge task. Why don't these black boxes send a live data stream constantly throughout a flight? Like the same way they recieved the automated messges of the electical and pressuriztion failures? I don't know, I'm just confused and annoyed as to how it is so difficult to find a crashed jet.
  20. I'd rather my Challenger II over a Leopard or M1A2 anyday
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