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  1. It look like now I can easily repeat the bug in a 1 vs 1 with a Mig-21 in a mission created by me for training reasons. It is very ridicolous, here I have also tried to an emergency landing on a near airport without wings and canard XD The engine flame out and gliding very well but I couldn't get to the airport for the low altitude.
  2. Someone have encountered this bug? For me is the third time. Receiving a hit and start to fire, then wings and canard goes away but despite the extensive damage and flames the engine work fine and the aircraft flight correctly like wings and canard are still here. I can also continue to climb and manouvering. Then the engine stop for low fuel but the aircraft easily continue to glide very well XD I have saved three replay but in one replay after taking the damage the aircraft fall correctly to the ground out of control, despite the original show the bug.
  3. After upgrading to the last version ( using the updater that automatically start when launching DCS ) the sim don't start. Windows 7 show this message. Then clicking on close the program it say that is impossible to start the application and that I must click on ok to close that notice. I have searched on the forum and I have seen many users having a similar problems and they have solved installing msvcr120.dll or installing Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013. But unfortunately none of this solutions work for me. I have tried the repair function of DCS but also don't work.
  4. Damn, I misinterpreted the number of stations, in fact Tornado have four stations on the belly but with big weapons like KORMORAN it can transport only two so I have controlled only the central station that in the sim is indicated by the number 7 and 6, that in reality are the rear position... :doh: ok so no problem now.
  5. Ok, perfect, however it is only a small inaccuracy there is no hurry. Thanks. :thumbup:
  6. Ah ok, actually I haven't my personal photos about it, but ( I am Italian, spotter, airshow fan etc... ;) ) I can assure you that the configuration is 2 Kormoran + 2 Tanks. Tons of photos if you search on the web about Tornado/Kormoran ( A.M.I. and Marineflieger ). Many publications with that configuration.
  7. I want to report only a minor inaccuracy. I am creating a mission in the editor in which 4 Tornado IDS do an antiship mission armed with KORMORAN missiles but the editor don't show the option to mount it on the pylon under the fuselage. It allow only to install kormoran on the main underwing pylons, but in this case renouncing to the fuel tanks and reducing the range of the aircraft. The exact configuration on the real Tornado is with the missile KORMORAN under the fuselage and fuel tanks under the wing.
  8. Ok, after trying to install DCS World on another conventional hard disk ( not the dedicated ssd that I have on my PC, dedicated to flightsims ) it seems that this installation start in 3/5 seconds ( like anyone I think ) and all appear to work without problems. Now I will try to update at the last version of DCS and then reinstalling the A-10C to see if all continue to work well...
  9. If I click ok it reappear for two three times than it change in the application bar ( you can see the image with a little yellow key appearing). Then clicking ok it return on DCS World and the message "Cannot load debriefing file appear". Then exit DCS and relaunch all seems to work well. fsscr031 di DardoBlu, su Flickr
  10. Bad news, after updating to the last version DCS show this message while trying to load a mission: fsscr029 di DardoBlu, su Flickr
  11. No when I run repair I have to wait only 4-5 minutes, for now it is the only solution to the 14 minutes of wait of default. This happen from the first installation. Updating to the last two official update don't solve the problem. Only some days ago I have found this partial solution, I have never used repair option before.
  12. Windows Firewall is disabled. Windows Defender is always disabled as I use AVG Antivirus. "messed about with the Page File, or the Affinity Mask?" I haven't a clear idea of what is it??
  13. I haven't understand this passage ( English is not my language as you can see from my post ), can you clarify?
  14. Sorry for not to reply in the last days, I am checking and verifying the various suggestions, for now I can say thaa starting DCS without any input devices don't solve the problem.
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