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  1. This idea comes into my head as I'm learning Houdini. Houdini has a internal composition interface to allow compositors to blend Houdini scene and real-world scenes. Since DCS:World has such an amazing aircraft rendering effect, wouldn't it be great if ED can provide a green screen rendering and render elements, which includes alpha layer, AO layer, shadow map layer etc? And moreover, since aircraft is powered by aero-dynamical calculations, the trajectory and attitude of the aircraft in the game is more realistic than any other VFX studio's auto-key animation. Would be great for DCS video makers. (Although you can blend other 3D rendered frames into DCS, but that's not efficient)
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  3. Hi y'all. In 1.5 and 1.2, DCS uses diffuse/spec/normal maps. In 3DSMAX we can easily link it with the diffuse, specular and normal channel. However, in 2.5 DCS is using PBR shaders, how do we link maps to metal/roughness channel? 3DSMAX does not have that shader by default. (Excuse me that might be not a very valuable question..)
  4. Finally through trials (no (critical )error at this time) using uboats KJ-2000 AI mod's script as a template I figured out the art pipeline... Known issues and problems Weird normal at the edge of the windshield. Low polygon state engine pylon. Pretty empty cockpit right now. Animation problem (I use an IK solver for the main gear) No damage detailed model.
  5. Hi feefifofum, Thanks for your advice. Indeed I forgot a few details. My original plan is to limit the time required to play the mission. So I think the most fighters are going to be dogfighters or fighters with limited BVR capacity. Then it will only patrol or fight in a small area. And they will not march across half of the map to interrupt player. Moreover, thanks for pointing out the level of realism factor. I think as long as the scripts work, scaling the metrics of the mission and increase the elements of realism is not hard. And then some more advanced fighters can be added in. Finally,I’ll add some “support ground troops” story (maybe just audio clips…in DCS) to the air-to-ground missions.
  6. Hello designers and fliers, I am looking into how to use ideas in other games to make the single player mission more interesting and interactive. I know that there is some dynamic campaign's demo in the forum but the DCS:World has not fully supported an official dynamic campaign. And instead of targeting at pure realism, my plan and goal is to get some dynamic elements into the game and add more gameplay. And the player will have a unique experience and a unique result each time they play this mission. So I come up with this design proposal and I'm looking for your opinions. First is the background: You're in blue side. You and your allies are trapped at Tbilisi airport. The red side has surrounded the entire area. You have to fight and help your allies escape to the Sukhumi airport. In order to achieve the goal, you have to fight the enemies and open up a temporary safe zone. Each time you create a safe zone inside the hordes of enemies. A group of your allies will fly into this zone. It marks as a progressive success. And after you fight and create enough safe zones on the paths to the Sukhumi, your allies and you can all land there and this will be the final success. So, in order to make all FC3 planes be suitable for this mission, I'll set up three main combat zones (marked in red areas) with different tasks so both attackers and fighters can be used. The southern zone is for A2A combat, the middle one is for SEAD tasks, the third one at the north is for A2G in mountainous areas. The three combat zones are optional, it means the player is free to pick one of them. So in ACE Combat Zero there are mission that allows player to choose one out of three routes...The player encounters different enemies on each route and receives different rewards.( http://acecombat.wikia.com/wiki/Ace_Combat_Zero:_The_Belkan_War/Missions, level 8 Merlon, you have alpha team, beta team and theta team….) And, as you fight enemies. The system will pickup some random side quests(blue question marks on the map). Such as reporting a crashed ally, saving an ejected pilot or helping to capture a helipad.. There will be enough scripted quests, and the system will pick 2 or 3 suitable ones. If you've played Payday2... You might notice that in level "Hoxton Breakout", when Hoxton is hacking servers, you have to defeat waves of agents coming in different diretcions. And the system will ask you to do some quest such as "hacking another server or put a bomb at xxx room" And, as we all know that flight sims always challenge player's flight control skills. Clear weather flying brings minimum challenge, land in adversary weather with system failure brings great challenge. And in FSX, the default missions are also ranked in this difficulty hierarchy..So you may also experience the degeneration of the weather..... Finally it is about the challenge balancing on the primary tasks..The scripts see what the player does in one encounter in the main combat zone; and if the player is a killing spear, that means the difficulty should be raised. And then the script tells the units in the later stages fight more aggressively to challenge the player. I'm not sure if this kind of single player mission is fun for your guess, so I'm asking for your advice or ideas. (Since I'm individual developer, I have to make sure that the time and script workload needed for the mission is within one person's ability...)
  7. Static object first, then AI...then...... (Well If I have enough tech support...) In fact, I think that DCS:W's engine is suitable for simulate commercial jets...or general aviation planes....
  8. Still under development. This is a show case of the current progress.. Basic animation and UV is locked now. May be LOD 2 at 13K polys.
  9. I'm the artist of this. That is not a production level work. It is used to prove the art tech and act as a low level LOD and a place holder.
  10. That's exactly I want to say.. The two state—Live/Dead is the key to the problem I hope ED could implement a damaged status (for buildings and land based vehicles )first. What need to be done is simply add some smoke effect and disable mobile or firing capacity of it. It will significantly improve the battle authenticity even there are now 3D modeled or textured damaging effect.
  11. 放心 老艇长一定给你们该汉化给汉化 该给存档给存档
  12. Well..Based on my knowledge of Particle effects.. I have to say that gun fire smoke (especially that from battleship's main gun) and dynamite explosion would achieve better result by using exported FumeFX. However, other effects could be done by simply using 2D sprites (which also affect the transparency) and very simple mesh. In unreal editor, you have a parallel particle emitter, which could put multiple particle emitter in one particle systems. It has pre-defined properties for the sprites Like the "color over life" ,which defines its diffuse color over the sprites life The "Constant acceleration", which defines its motion after spawn. And making smoke puffs are also not difficult, but tricky. Its called subUV, in which you divide a huge png image that contains 36 (any square number) states of a smoke puff in to 36 parts and put each small parts in to a smaller sprites Most of the particle effects could be done outside 3DSMAX and some fancy smoke plugins Like the afterburner exhaust, a simple cone mesh (it does not matter, when UV flattened it acts same as a plane). See the attachments With a dynamic material, which pans the alpha channel over time. You can simply making a nice-looking fire cone (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k__0ORI17Es, unreal fan's tutorial) That's all what I know about particle now. Hopes that will be a help to some ideas on the basic coding. What I concern is that importing advanced and complex 3D particle system will further hit the performance and make normal computer freeze.
  13. Hopes that a full pipeline of mod making doc/wiki could be established...
  14. Hey'yall. I have been working on a 1991 version of Iowa class BB's for a long time. In deed it is very time consuming, I might have spent 600-900 man hours on this ship... Current achievement is that: All meshes completed 406mm turrets is textured and UVed and decaled with Normal maps. The rest meshes UV's are still a mess... I've put that in Unreal 4and it looks good from a human eye FOV camera.. While actually put an add-on into game still requires people from multi disciplines. I'm currently vague about the pipelines of add-on making so I'm wondering if anyone interest in WWII naval battles would like to join me to put some naval artillery fighting(I'll remove Iowa's missiles later) into the game. And, further more, put an end to SerB's anti-ship files and anti-tank files. I'm currently studying GD in Graduate School and I'm thinking about putting more actual (shipped/launched)works into my portfolio piece. It doesn't matter if you would like to do art or do script coz I can start to focus on one of them. (except that scripting may take me more time)
  15. 其实ED还是想让大家最后回到ED正统派来。。。
  16. The planes like SU-27s has a very smooth transition between wings and body. However, the SU-27 still has hard edges like that tend to cause more chamfers to stop the torbosmooth to "melt" the hard edges So how to model this part? Should we use the NURBS or spline modeling? Coz I found it very difficult to model it via poly modeling I can't move the vertex to the exact position as it should be on a real SU-27....
  17. Hey all. This problem seems very confusing. I start to use a prototype to test the basic dimension of the add-on plane modes. This floppybird The problem contains two parts 1. What decide the opacity of the glass material ? There are 3 configurable arguments in 3dsmax and photoshop. a.In the material editor there are already 2 existing parameters for opacity. Which one of these two affect the opacity of the glass? b. There is a opacity parameter for the alpha channel (arguments 4) in the photoshop. So we have 3 opacity parameters now. Which of these parameters decide the opacity of the final result? c. The alpha channel of the photoshop uses a CMYK color space that only K channel is available in info window. The alpha black is 100% and alpha white is 0%. We can use brush tool to create areas that have different K value? So what does this K value mean? When we look at the beginner guide's highlighted paragraphs and https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=86205 EDM tool's instruction, it says "create a blue bit map with an alpha channel opacity to 20%", and what does this opacity refers to? 2. The second question is about the wunderluft demo mod's HUD. According to the beginners guide, I disable the radar and put the HUD's texture to the DCS World/Mods/aircraft/Wunderluft/Textures/Avionics/Bazar/Textures/ but with this .tga file with 100% opacity of the alpha channel but nothing appears in the game's floppybird cockpit. Before I disable the radar I can se red grids.. AvionicsCommon.rar
  18. Ah...Got that.. Thanks a lot.. I might have to mind my throttle.....
  19. Uhm...I mean.. Sometimes I spawn in a L-39 on the parking lot hot and I open the canopy and ask the ground the service to refuel and rearm. After I take off, a red warning light showing fuel 150kg on the front left warning light panel is lit and the plane's engine will shut automatically shortly after. I don't know whether it is a bug or I didn't follow the proper control procedure....I just tried to fly L-39 when I translated its miz files...
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