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  1. "Yeah we do not want to get political. 

    We have mentioned it before, we have no plans for Taiwan currently."


    The dumbest logic for not creating new, sensible maps, and this company backed themselves into a corner as a result. This is coming from the same company who made the 'Strait of Hormuz' map (no, I WILL NOT call it Persian Gulf map), which has been a political Hotspot ever since the 80's. Also, same company decides to keep the Caucasus region, which saw conflict in 2008 AND has also been a political Hotspot ever since the early 90's. But yes, do not make Taiwan map because, "wE dO nOt wAnT tO gEt PoLiTiCaL"🥴🤥🙄😒😑

  2. ED should bring back the F-111 from Flanker 2.5 and then bring it up to high detail.
  3. "The map is irrelevant. Parts of Caucasus, especially the mountains west of Batumi could be a reasonable substitute."



    Incorrect of the highest order. This is why we don't get new, reasonable maps. Statements like that let ED get away with the bare minimum.

  4. F-111 for sure. I will admit: modeling the TFR will probably be the biggest hurdle IF HB decides to take on the F-111.
  5. "We need Iraq and Afghanistan maps." Not interested at all
  6. No D-model Hornets. There's several aircraft that's more worthy of FFM.

  7. Thank you. Also, this does not belong under DCS: F-4 Phantom. There's already multiple threads about the Tornado.
  8. Taiwan Strait East Sea (Sea of Japan) 38th Parallel of the Korean Peninsula Black Sea region (if possible) This would be a very interesting map. I'm all in for a Taiwan Strait map
  9. I absolutely agree. Heck, why stop there? I say include the PLAGF troops as well, and include uniforms of different generations, if possible.
  10. Please stop spamming the threads. You already created a topic of the same title.
  11. This is what I'm anticipating the most...the famous MudHen. Hopefully you'll be able to complete it in 2022.
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