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  1. ok gotta say is amazing, dcs was unplayable on steamvr, i mean 30% res is awfull, but now im running 80% with buttery movement and everything is just amazing with a 3070
  2. what stutters? since i moved dcs to an ssd i dont have any more stutters and i am playing on a laptop i7 7 gen, 16gb ram and gtx1050
  3. aldox

    Mig 21 radar

    I bought the mig on this sale, and only have one question. Whats the issue with the radar? My fps goes from 60 to 15 when i turn it on, ive tried the mig when we had the free modules event and the radar worked great back then, no fps drop but now its completly broken i cant use radar guided missiles or navigate in bad weather or night edit spelling english is not my thing
  4. Most of the times is bad marksmanship, while the german planes shoot big cannon shells like the 109 or a lot of smaller cannon shells like the 190 and they're pretty devastating anywhere they hit. The mustang shoots a lot of .50 cal rounds but if you only hit the wings or non vital areas you're just damaging the aerodynamics or the enemy, shoot a the engine, rads or pilot
  5. someone is firing missiles on the ww2 test server
  6. i dont think so, many servers set on ww2 have more units like soldiers and stuff, i think this is more for early cold war servers
  7. they have challenge campaigns at least the 51 and 109 the spit doesn't have any if i remember correctly
  8. just fixes and tweaks? Damage model plz
  9. you can boom and zoom with any plane and also turn fight with every plane, you have to think in 3d, try to force an overshoot when youre on the defensive, dont lose energy, be sure that when you make your zoom back up you dont stall out (its easy to prop hang and shoot at a stalling zooming aircraft) and try to not turn on the vertical with spits but depending on if you have mw50 or more energy at the begining of the fight you can, know your plane and physics your turn radius is at its lowest when youre turning vertical and inverted
  10. i just saw an interview that Nick Grey did and he said that after the mosquito Ed is intrested in a Battle of Britain scenario and since we already have the map all we need is some early spits or even hurricanes and emil bf109, is there any info on this floating around the forum?
  11. try adding some curves or meaby some saturation
  12. the spit also has this problem for ages now
  13. wont the thickness of it change with speed? i mean the pitch of the blade changes
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