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  1. Filin, tolko malaya chast karty seychas prerabotana na 100 procentov. Est kde-to karta pokazaemya stepen obrabotky dlya cveta. edit: karta zdez
  2. I had problems recently with beta SteamVR which cause crashing. After uninstall beta SVR and reinstall to stable version, DCS performed very poorly. Fortunately I backed up the steamvr config files and replacing the newly generated ones with those has brought DCS back to smooth performance. Maybe you have the same issue? Check my post about it.
  3. I am newb in M2000 but it fits me like a glove. Small ergonomic cockpit and looks cool like hell. Porsche like early block Viper.
  4. I experienced the SteamVR beta game crash issue. I removed SteamVR folders and files, uninstalled SteamVR, reinstalled back to non-beta and DCS stopped crashing but ran rather poorly. Fortunately I saved the original steamvr.vrsetting and steamapps.vrmanifest file. After putting them back, DCS runs smoothly as before. Content of those files was different. If anyone has unexplainable poor perf with his hi-end system, maybe w0rth try. Files are in C/program filesx86/steam/config. steamapps.vrmanifest steamvr.vrsettings
  5. Well OpenXR does not cut it for me. It runs worse at whatever % res i set it to, it sucks even at 20%, does not matter if I have 2xAA off or on. SteamVR runs very smoothly at 100% res. @2xAA. I can wait for multithreading no prob. Glad for anyone who finds it improving things. 5600x, 3070, 32GB, Win11.
  6. Can anyone make this skin. For reference there is also blue 08 included with darker camo. Thanks!
  7. To attack a bridge call in Phantoms with Paveways. @photowriters you should start a separate thread on your own; "Q/A with Skyhawk veteran".
  8. There is free Forrestal carrier with ILS-like system.
  9. The controller was faulty and Andrey sent me a new one. Works perfectly since then.
  10. Looks to me FM is spot on. Stores are draggy but once at clean config + maneuvering flaps on, you can pull insane alpha.
  11. Rename the dds files in the folder and adjust the description.lua folder as in the screenshot. Notice I renamed both folder and skin to Czech Zabak 9013. Enjoy!
  12. https://pdfcoffee.com/natops-a-4e-f-g-skyhawk-complete-a-4g-edition-1973-pdf-free.html
  13. From A-4 manual regarding the stuck front wheel while taxiing.
  14. Was the AGM Shrike lofting by itself? In this document, it was lofted by pitching the aircraft nose up and the self lofting missile was Harm. "
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