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  1. I see strange behavior too with navigation, but I don't know if it's the module or my lack of understanding. I'm reading the manual on these issues but I see no mention.
  2. I did press space bar, many times. I'll give it another shot soon and see if it gets through
  3. Hi, I can't get past the part where I turn the knob +5 and +10 to make sure the HSI is functioning properly. I press spacebar and move the course knob plus and minus with appropriate change, but no advancing.
  4. Yeah, I had to hold left click and then right click then wiggle the pedals. I don't know what that function does, but it helped me get past it. The other issue I had was with the radio buttons and wheels, but randomly messing with that stuff got me past that. Otherwise I'm having a lot of fun learning this one!
  5. Training mission coldstart, I can't get past rudder pedal adjustment. I pull the lever, but it doesn't progress. Nevermind, figured it out!
  6. Is anyone else's AI completely useless? In the deployment campaign, they won't help out with targeting air defenses, tanks, APCs, etc. Even if I ask them to recon, they don't know how to fire missiles. :huh:
  7. Logged in again and used the VR after playing at 100+ FPS 4k on Ultra. I'm at 30fps with the Index. :beer:
  8. Can anyone confirm whether the English cockpit is available?
  9. Nope, VR is still terrible. Haven't used it extensively in several months.
  10. That's called motion sickness. :doh:
  11. Don't get VR if it's only for DCS, it's just not ready yet. However, if you're at all interested in other uses of VR like for games (space pirate trainer, beat Saber, superhot), Google Earth, tilt brush, then go for it, you'll love it. I'd recommend the Valve Index just because the controls are so good for those fun VR games.
  12. They are using 1080p mostly, some 1440p. Very few run 4k.
  13. IPD set up properly. I use X-Plane too, and satisfied. DCS is the only thing I'm disappointed in. Try the 8v8 Hornet instant action mission and see how effective you are. Your win percentage might be 0% (and even then you might still be shooting down your buddies in WVR because of difficulty identifying aircraft.
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