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  1. Never heard of such a thing, so I checked in the mission editor, The option did not get checked. Not that I expected as much, cuz you can get in the copilot seat in single player, just not multiplayer. Here is the deal. I am sure this is part of the multiplayer multi-user capability, however, when noone is in the seat, the pilot has to be able to jump into the seat or use the front weapons as fixed only, which SUCKS.
  2. Just glad its not just me. Weird stuff though. My huey is completely gone from the sim... Just up and disappeared. Look though the logs and it says that the scripting plugin to install the huey during the update failed cuz : Not Authorized. My first thought was, Hmmm. They didnt like my post so much that they took my huey away. lol. I have a trouble ticket open now.
  3. killed the ability to jump into the operator seat for the huey. I swear that ED hates, HATES, huey pilots. We put up with quite a bit. Broken gunners for the better part of a year, nurfing the guns to the point where one on one battles with a BTR-80 are nearly impossible, and now taking away the ability to battle from the operator seat, which, if you have EVER flown in the huey, you would realize is the main method of combat. Especially if you use VR, the eye tracking capability has been KILLED. Why? for the roll-out of multi-crew? That would be great except that its at the expense of the pilot in a HUGE way. Personally, i would rather have the operator seat back vs multi-crew, and I have been waiting and wanting multi-crew for years.
  4. I posted this in another thread, which I will go find and delete, cuz I think its a bug, but the China Hat Aft switch, which is supposed to recenter the cursor in the TCP when you have it SOI, is toggling the LSS mode OBS. Doesnt matter if the TGP is on the left or right MFD. I cant recenter my TGP.
  5. Ok, but as a long time A-10C enthusist, historically speaking, this is how the TGP was re-caged and brought to center. If it was wrong up to now, I get that, but I have been searching for a way to re-center the cursor in the TGP in the manual, and cant seem to find one.
  6. China Hat Aft selecting LSS mode in TGP I posted this in another thread, which I will go find and delete, cuz I think its a bug, but the China Hat Aft switch, which is supposed to recenter the cursor in the TCP when you have it SOI, is toggling the LSS mode OBS. Doesnt matter if the TGP is on the left or right MFD. I cant recenter my TGP.
  7. This was the mistake I made when I thought the same thing posted in this thread. The issue for me was that I wasn't used to making the HMCS SOI separate from the hud, so I was looking forward and pressing the U key, but it was making my hud SOI not the HMCS, then when I moved the cursor, it was moving the hud cursor. Just had to train myself with the new stuff. lol
  8. Centering the TGP Ok, am I nuts or not? Re-centering the TGP, prior to the A-10C II was always done with China Hat Aft, but in the II, China Hat Aft is turning on LSS mode in the TGP, regardless of left or right MFD. I don't remember any key bound specifically to toggling LSS in the TGP and its not bound to OBS 6 on either MFD, so what up?
  9. I cant seem to Center the Targeting Pod in the TGP by pressing DMS Aft Short anymore. now, it turns on my LSS in the TCP instead of centering the reticle. Yes, I checked my keybindings, and it it properly set, in fact, I tap C and it does the same thing.
  10. It has only happened the one time, but since it happened the day after the most recent update, I thought I would report it so you guys are aware. Was flying in MP in a Persian Gulf mission. I was in the A-10 and dropping bombs and launching Mavericks. The server was running Dynamic Weather and it was raining, albeit in partly cloudy skys, but that is not the issue. Game crashed and built a crash report. I looked at the report and found that it was pointing to weather.dll. I am attaching my logs. Also want to say thank you for all that you guys do to solve these isssues. dcs.log-20200523-203243.zip
  11. Also Seeing This Having the same issue. Flight of 2 UH-1's in previously stable mission. I was hosting. Other user lands at helipad and when he requested rearm and refuel he crashed. I was like... that sucks, then landed there myself and requested rearm and refuel and I too crashed. Logs (attached) point to Flight.dll. Thank you for your attention to this matter. dcs.log-20200525-022553.zip
  12. Thank You Just want to say thank you for the time you guys have put into this. I know I have been a pain in the ass about this issue and I'll try not to do that in the future.
  13. Thank you for responding. I appreciate your time, although I reread my post and it was a bit "aggressive". I apologize. I will say that I do understand that it is difficult to pin down. We have tested everything 50 ways on this end to understand when this occurs and the only thing we found was that this does not seem to happen if we are not in VR or using TrackIR. If we run the screen native with no head tracking at all, this issue does not occur. I hope that helps
  14. what does multiimple mean? Where exactly do you see them saying anything but "they are aware" in MARCH. IT IS MAY. I dont know about you, but I put a lot of time and money into DCS. I guess when I spend $500 on a flight sim, I should be able to, I dunno, FLY in it. No one is exaggerating anything here, except maybe your exaggeration of my exaggeration. If this was something that happened every once in a while, I would have patients, but its not, it happens EVERY TIME I am in multiplayer, and I'm not the only one. There are a few of us who get together and fly and it happens to everyone, every time. I am merely pointing out that this issue is much larger than the attention it has been getting.
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