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  1. I know the hornet was having issues where it was static or uncontrolled and the apu sounds would not shut off.... but frankly.. this is stupid that the apu sound file and enginge start noise files aren't carried across in MP... I've been working very hard to to enhance the hornets sounds for mp sessions and can't hear those two files... PLEASE FIX THIS
  2. Hey guys. I am so sorry that this has not been updated ina loooong time! I have not been able to work on the mod really at all within the last year. Life has thrown several curveballs my way and I have been dealing with them. I am lookin at getting the mod back up and running very soon as time permits. I thank each and everyone of you have been of help, both physically and morally! I will update here and the facebook page when anything new happens with the mod! Thanks again for the great support! http://imgur.com/a/qcCNX
  3. Bugged to heck and back Sadly, work has slowed to a standstill on the on the mod. I am working back through the entire structure bit by bit, trying to figure out what may be causing the issues of dcs crashing when spawning the jet, or the mod not showing up. A little bit of searching points to a probable new structure system with regards to mods. From what I can tell, all of the basic scripts that have been done are correct; DCS just doesn't want to to recognize any of the assets that present currently. I am continuing to look into the problems and will report back if/when a solution has been found. Until then, thank you all once again for the continued support and the great community!
  4. The mod is coming along slowly. Since the 1.2.15 update and now the 1.2.16 update, the jet crashes dcs. I, with the help of some others in the community are debugging the scripts for the jet and I am working on updating the external model. :)
  5. Mods crashing DCS RedBeard, or anyone, I have been working on the F-14d this week and I went to view my current changes to the external model and the game just crashed. The only thing I had changed about the entry.lua was the version number to make it congruent with the most recent DCS update. The mod worked wonders in 1.2.12 and 1.2.14, but alass no longer! Any idea what may have happened?
  6. Where are you seeing ta D model pit? if you are basing that assumption off of the seats you are dead wrong. It has the ejection handles on top of the seat, which is only present on A/B seats. The d seats have the handle between the pilots legs!
  7. I'm slowly working on an F-14D mod for DCS. From what I have heard and been told, the FM coding for the Tomcats swing wing is very hard or next to impossible to do as it requires multiple flight models for each angle of sweep even though the system is tied to the mach speed indicator in reality. As for systems still being classified? It's a sure bet that many systems are still under wraps just like there are several systems missing from the A-10C in the public/NON ANG version. Eurofighter from VEAO is being held up by all of the classified stuff as well I believe as well as certain licensing issues
  8. There are plenty of plans and ideas to implement, as of right now tho, I'm playing it all close to the chest. Keep an eye out during vuaf on October 25 at 1917 gmt. 12:17pm mountain time
  9. The project is still a go, be it a little slow right now, but I'm not gonna ditch this bad boy ;)
  10. Won't be posting alot of updates until it's something major
  11. I belive it's under core modes/aircraft/F-86F
  12. Haven't pushed it there in a while, but it's was doing 820kts at sea level haha
  13. Dcs world is actually free!! :)
  14. It's a dcs world mod sadly. If you're looking for a great tomcat for fcs, look for the public vnao mod
  15. Anything would be awesome to say the least. I am interested in getting a second texture artist to help me out with skins and stuff
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