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  1. I have compiled all the A10C tutorials I could find on YouTube into a single channel, organised by topic. The channel is here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC90p6sHsL5PN_urMRz65NyA This channel has been up for a while but I am continuously adding new videos to it as and when I find them, so I thought it was worth reminding people about it. Enjoy :)
  2. I have compiled all the A10C tutorials I could find on YouTube into a single channel, organised by topic. The channel is here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC90p6sHsL5PN_urMRz65NyA This channel has been up for a while but I am continuously adding new videos to it as and when I find them, so I thought it was worth reminding people about it. Enjoy :)
  3. I seem to have the fixed the problem. I was using a series of combined key commands as follows: AAP Steerpoint - Mark = LShift+LCntrl+M AAP Steerpoint - Mission LShift+LCntrl+X AAP Steerpoint - Flightplan LShift+LCntrl+F They all seemed to work equally well in the control config panel. It didn't matter they were a bit cumbersome because I am using a programmable keypad to actually enter the commands. The problem was that in the cockpit during flight the LShift+LCntrl+X combination never worked. So I just changed the key command for 'AAP Steerpoint - Mission' to just the single letter 'y' and that now works. So for some reason the specific key command I was using - 'LShift+LCntrl+X' - was problematic. I have no idea why but now I have a fix I am happy
  4. Flying a10C I have assigned keyboard shortcuts to: AAP Steerpoint - Mark AAP Steerpoint - Mission AAP Steerpoint - Flightplan The two key commands for 'Mark' and 'Flightplan' work but the keyboard shortcut for 'Mission' does not work. In the Control setup page everything seems to work OK. If I hit the key combination I have allocated to 'AAP Steerpoint - Mission' it highlights the correct command. However in the game during flight if I enter the key command it does not operate the switch in the plane. Any thoughts on what might be causing this problem, or is it a bug?
  5. Just an update. I could not resolve the Windows 10 USB problems with the Thurstmaster kit. The Throttle was recognised and auto-configured but I could not get the stick or MFDs recognised. Everything was listed and the working in the control panel/device list so I could go through and manually allocate relevant button settings one by one in the DCS controls config panel. Tedious but its now working and DCS runs like butter on ulta settings on my new rig. From the resaerch I did to try to fix the problem it seems Windows 10 can be very tempremental about USB. I also encounted another problem which was the ASUS USB monitor I use for my cockpit only worked using one particular USB port, using any other caused some sort of clash/error. Ho hum
  6. Can anybody please help me. I have been running DCS on a Windows 7 PC with no problems other than a bit of an old and underpowered PC. I have a Thrustamster Warthog HOTAS and a pair of Cougar F16 MFDs. Everything ran perfectly in DCS on the Windows 7 PC. DCS automatically recognised the HOTAS, and the MFDs, and correctly mapped all the buttons. Today I took delivery of a spiffing new PC with Windows 10 Pro 64 bit installed. The problem is that although Windows device manager correctly identifies the Thrustmaster devices DCS does not. If I open the Controls config panel in DCS it seems the HOTAS Throttle is correctly identified and the keys mapped correctly, but the Joystick is mapped as ‘2 axis 19 button joystick’ and none of the keys are correctly mapped. The axis control is way off as well. Similarly the two MFDs are incorrectly listed as ‘0 axis 28 button device’ and their buttons are all mapped incorrectly (in fact each MFD has the same incorrect mapping). I have tried removing and reinstalling the devices in Windows. I have trashed my DCS file in Saved Games and letting DCS recreate a new one. I have tried all the various USB ports (front and back, USB 2 and 3). I tried connecting the kit directly, and individually, bypassing my USB port. Nothing makes DCS correctly recognise the kit. I just booted up my old Windows 7 PC and plugged the Thrusmaster kit in and ran DCS and everything was correctly identified and was working correctly with the right key mapping, so its not a hardware problem. It seems as if something in Windows 10 is not passing the right information to DCS. Can anybody help, does anybody know what might be causing the problem. I am itching to play DCS on my new (and very expensive) rig :pilotfly: The new kit spec is as follows BTW Intel Core i7 6700K EVGA GeForce GTX 980 Ti 32GB RAM 512GB Samsung SM951 Fractal Design Define R5 Black Mid Tower Computer Chassis with USB 3.0
  7. I only fly the A10C at the monet and I did the work of gathering and organising the videos to help myself and then realised other people might find it useful. So no plans to add other modules at the moment but maybe in the future.
  8. I have added a collection of Mission Editor tutorials to the channel
  9. I emailed the guy who makes the BBJ Sim panels and explained a little about the needs of flight simmers in relation to the future development his switch panels and got this interesting reply: "Hi Tony, I am pleased you are happy with your button box an I am always happy to receive exposure in relevant enthusiasts forums. To answer your questions in no particular order firstly I moved the push switches from the rotary encoders to individual switches because in racing situations it was to easy to press the switch while trying to adjust the encoder and vice-versa. I can see this would be less of an issue in a flight simulator and if I make a flight sim specific version of this box in the future I might well reincorporate them. The main issue I have in producing specific products for flight simulators is toggle switches, flight simulators need latching toggle switches and lots of them! My best solution so far is to make individual capacitor discharge circuits for each switch which work great but take around 20 minutes per switch to construct thus adding significantly to the cost compared to a similar box designed for racing where I can get away with using momentary toggles as on the whole car racers don't need the visual reference of the position of the switch relative to the sim. The alternative would be to use some sort of commercial pulse generator to give the required on/off signal but any I have found have been way too expensive to be viable. I am in the process of incorporating a couple of capacitor discharge switches into my new 'pro' range of car based boxes and if that goes well I will design the same into some flight sim specific products. Everything else I have sorted, encoders, potentiometers etc. So when I finally resolve the latching toggle issue I feel I am going to be able to produce some great products aimed at the flight sim community. In terms of time I guess we are looking at 3 to 6 months but I am not going to release anything until I get this right. Many other manufactures have the same issue and just ignore the fact that their toggles only work 1 way or if you flick them too fast don't work at all. Sorry for the long rambling email and I wish you all the best in your gaming/simming in the future. Regards, John."
  10. The panel appears as 'BU8036X' in the Windows devices control panel and in the DCS control options panel so I guess that answers the question about the hardware. The click action on the rotary dials doesn't register in the Windows control panel and I remember in one of the BBJ Sim videos the maker saying he was having problems with the click action on the rotaries and was thinking of disabling them - so I guess he did. Eveb with the click action on rotaries diabled this is still a really useful panel, especially for something like the radio stack that has a lot of dial in values. It feels well made, its not too pricey, the black version blends in with a home pit nicely, and its was super simple to set up. All in all I am very pleased and may buy one of the all button versions to compliment the one I have.
  11. Another small problem. The rotary dials can be depressed as another button click but CDS does not seem to recognise them. I consider it a minor problem, means 6 less button clicks but that still leaves 12 buttons and six rotaries all working.
  12. I bought one of the USB rotary panels from BBJ Sim and I am very pleased with the result. It costs £70. It has 12 push buttons and 6 rotary dials. It installed immediately on plugging into my Windows 7 PC and DCS recognised it as a controller in the controls set up panel. I am using my mine as a radio controller, the dials can change frequency, buttons to load, switch functions and switch presets. The only glitch I had was my plane spiralled out of control the first time I ran DCS with the panel attached and I discovered this was because DCS had automatically assigned various flight controls to the panel box by default including some axis. Once I deleted those the box works perfectly with my A10C. Very pleased. Here is a photo of the panel box next to the Thustmaster throttle so you can see its relative size and how well it matches the Thrustmaster kit. The BBJ Sim website is here: http://bbjsimracing.com
  13. I have created a Youtube A10C tutorials channel. Its here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC90p6sHsL5PN_urMRz65NyA I recently moved up from flying the A10A and the SU25T to the A10C and as a result I started to search through Youtube for training and instructional videos. I found plenty and started to build some playlists. Soon I had a lot of videos and I had sorted them into a number of themed playlists. I thought that other people my be able to benefit from the search, compilation and organisation I had done so I created this channel. I hope people find it useful. I didn’t make any of these videos and I would like to thank those who did as their efforts are so very useful. If anybody knows of other training videos that I have missed do let me know and I will add therm to the channel
  14. Has anybody had any experience of using the USB switch panels made by BBJ SimRacing in DCS? The panels look very inexpensive compared to any other proprietary solution out there. The guy who makes them is a car sim racing enthusiast but he claims the USB toggle and switch panels he makes and sells are fully USB plug and play. I am very tempted by some of these products but I would be reassured about buying one if I knew it definitively worked with DCS.. The website is here and it includes links to video demos of the various panels. http://bbjsimracing.com The panels themselves are sold via eBay here: http://stores.ebay.co.uk/BBJ-SimRacing?_trksid=p2047675.l2563
  15. In the real world account of the air war over Kosovo called "A10s Over Kosovo" the A10 pilots talk about using binoculars in the cockpit to find targets - perhaps we could have that option in DCS. Press the binocular key and get a simulated view through a pair of binoculars? BTW the book "A10s Over Kosovo" in pdf form is here - very good read http://aupress.maxwell.af.mil/digital/pdf/book/b_0090_haave_haun_a10s_over_kosovo.pdf
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