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  1. I don’t know if it’s properly implemented in DCS, but try the following: Set the Tanker Tacan to 92y. Set 29y A/A Tacan in your own jet and see if it works. That’s how it’s often done in real life. Btw, it doesn’t have to be the 92/29 combination. Any two numbers that are 63 apart works. 92/29 is just easy to remember.
  2. Yes, but in case of the Tornado we can let it slide. #ObjectiveStatement?
  3. OP is correct. It was brought up before in this thread: The thread was labeled “No Bug”, but Cobra847 did post that the nozzle will be corrected (third post from the bottom; September 23rd):
  4. Thank you for looking into it! I noticed it only with the Tomcat. The issue is not present in the Hornet or the F-16 for example. I’m quite certain Flaming Cliffs aircraft are also not affected.
  5. Bug: F-14A/B; Afterburner Flame not visible in External (F2) View, when game was paused in Cockpit (F1) View Can I reproduce it 100%: yes How to reproduce/ description: Step1: Engage Afterburner while in Cockpit (F1) View (for most obvious result engage full AB/Zone 5) Step2: Pause the game Step 3: Press F2 and rotate view to see the rear/nozzle area of the jet Result: Nozzles are open as expected, but there is no visible Afterburner flame Additional Note: Afterburner flame becomes visible within ~1 second, if you un-pause the game while still in F2-View. DCS Version: Stable Mods: None This bug is obviously not a big issue. It’s a mild annoyance, if you’re like me and tend to pause the game sometimes, when an “interesting” situation occurs, which you’d like to screenshot in External View. As I said above, the AB flame appears within roughly one second, if you un-pause the game, while still in External View, but often enough, the “screenshot-moment” is gone within that time. But again: Mild annoyance, not a biggie.
  6. It’s not a variant thing, since the top right comparison photo in my original post is also an F-14D. The tires in the photos you posted do seem a bit fuller, which indeed could make a difference, but they still seem further apart than in-game. I’m sure if I’ll try to recreate a similar camera angle in-game it would confirm it.
  7. I apologize if this has been brought up before, but I noticed a while ago, that the two nose gear tires of the Tomcat in DCS seem to be closer together than they actually were in real life. The camera angles of the attached comparison screenshots are not always perfectly matched, but they should still make it clear what I mean. The whole thing is certainly not a biggie, just a small discrepancy I'd say, but maybe HB still would like to add it to their list of small fixes (with very low priority of course). But anyway, the DCS Tomcat is glorious either way! Thanks a lot for all the effort and attention to detail you pump into that module. It really shows and one can "feel" the difference (hard to explain that one...).
  8. I remembered reading about the same problem in the Heatblur Tomcat section: https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/englis...6-missile-view The last post in the thread mentions "RCtrl - Num+", but there's no reply, if it solved the problem. Hope it helps!
  9. Same here. I was sure the new update ( would address the problem, but no luck. F-15 axis still don't work. Kinda frustrating!
  10. Hi guys! Whenever I use TrackIR 5 with Lock On FC2, the game does not use the custom View Angle I put in the "SnapViewDefault.lua". When I center TrackIR (default key F12) I would like to have a slightly zoomed out position, but no matter what number I put in the SnapViewDefault.lua file, the view angle for my F-15 changes only, when I don't use TrackIR. Here is what I mean exactly: Snap[8][13]["viewAngle"] = 88 When I change the value in this line, the viewAngle ingame changes only, if I don't use TrackIR. When I do use it, then I get an more "zoomed in" Cockpit ViewAngle, when I center my TrackIR. What I don't understand, is that the other values for the different cockpit angles, that are also contained in the SnapViewDefault.lua (see below), actually DO WORK, even when I use TrackIR. For example: Snap[8][13]["vAngle"] = -12 Snap[8][13]["hAngle"] = 0 When I change those values I can see the effects ingame, even with TrackIR in use. Only the "Snap[8][13]["viewAngle"] = 88" has no effect for some reason. I realize that I can zoom with my TrackIR, but what I would like to have is that the ViewAngle setting I put in the LUA file is used, when I center the TrackIR. Does anyone know, how I could get this to work?
  11. Ditto! Unfortunately, no official word on the issue yet!
  12. Thanks for the picture. You're right of course it's not an important issue at all! A few more pictures than just the one that's included would have been nice, that's all. Sounds interesting. Looking forward to them!
  13. Same "problem" here! I can't find any additional pilot photos either. The "PilotLogBook\Pilots" folder, which is mentioned in the PDF-file, that comes with the game (lockon_fc2_gui_manual_en.pdf), doesn't exist for FC2. There is one for the original Lock On, but if you wanted to use those pictures, you'd have to convert them first, since they're bitmaps. Eventhough inserting your own pics or pics you found on the internet is quite simple, I would like to have a small selection of neutral photos (pilot with helmet, mask and visor down) for the different countries, included in the game. The photo that is shown in the PDF file is nice (US pilot), unfortunately it's not included for whatever reason (or I missed it somehow!).
  14. @Nickhawk Thanks for the screenshots. Your results confirm the lighting issue. Also for Black Shark. @Ozburne I actually thought that Nickhawk meant the original Lock On, when he mentioned 1.0.1. The same thing you posted before: In the original Lock On Full Shadows and dynamic lighting would work together.
  15. Thanks for the extensive testing! Your results match mine exactly. I'm not sure if the graphics engine is even capable of providing all the effects simultaneously. I don't think there's gonna be a patch adressing that. Obviously it's not a critical issue, but worth discussing nonetheless!
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