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  1. Maybe you would like to play a mission with that kind of exercices: If you agree please contact me on discord:https://discord.gg/YwBwyuQ or PM me You will be welcome Good game
  2. Sorry but i think it's not exactly the point.I understand that NDB could be erratic.I didn't talk about ILS beacon.I'm talking about a point where i put a soldier or a car with a radio FM(HF) frequency scheduled to use it as a localizer. While playing solo all is correct,but on a multiplayer session the FM radio doesn't work at all,thus the localizer doesn't work. Maybe the bug is the same ?
  3. Why sometimes localizer or ADF not working on mission in multiplayers session.As they work perfectly on the solo session.?I mean that on the UH1H huey. Is there a new bug from the last patch or something old?And maybe other players have already found this?Thanks in advance if somebody knows a fix.
  4. Salut:)Avant de desinstaller le module connectes toi sur ton compte DCS(profil) (personal section) vas en bas de la page et affiches tes licences copies la clé du P51D si tu n'es pas sûr. Mais normalement la clé est memorisée et si tu reinstalles elle sera activée. bon jeu
  5. When i was used as the target for mistral tests at Cazaux military tests center.(France,south west) Was piloting an Alouette 2(astazou) and did it for one month every day during 4 hours. The most of time the missile heat seeking was unable to find my aircraft (between 2000 and 3000 meters of distance). I had to turn back and show my back ,thus the turbine exhaust forwarding directly front of missile(around 600° )to make this stuff working. The missile was so weak in heat seeker that all the ingeniers crews decided after a while where the goal of specifications was unable to be reached. To leave the missile as "good to serve"with only 40% of hit on targets. Maybe the devs did want reproduce this stuff with something too accurate. The result is that the players encounter the same thing than me at this time passed. It is funny i think. Good game
  6. All seems been reported about navigation.Now is up to you:)The game gives you a map and some features to select and mark a point.On the map you have a stuff to measure distance between two points giving also heading. Now make a short calcul with that: 60/VP (VP is the proper speed you will choose) With that you will get a coefficient that you have to multiply with the distance to obtain the time. Nothing more was used by old pilots.Called heading and clock. Check you mission ,report all the navigation points on it,take the measure and heading,and in fine choose a speed.With the speed you will find the time for each segment. That' s all and easy after some practice.If you need something with more accuracy,PM me. Good game
  7. Why don't doing more practice before moan on a forum? Why always looking for a tip or a fix or a cheat...something like that?before doing a lot of attempts. All of us know that many features externaly of the game give a different feeling. Even if one of us can do something in the game nothing proove that it could be done by every one. In cause the different stuff that we use to play the game as joysticks and graphics cards,memory,processor.... At each different rig the feeling is different. And you would like to find a trick the able to cover all situations? Good game
  8. Chemin pour les maps "HDD ou Repertoire d'installation"\DCS World OpenBeta\Mods\terrains bon jeu
  9. Pour ceux qui souhaitent apprendre à se servir d'un hélico,avant d'aller jouer les pigeons sur les serveurs Un petit serveur sans prétentions est dédié à la prise en main ici: https://discord.gg/YwBwyuQ Les logs sont dispos sur "# logs-of servertoplay" Et si vous avez besoin d'aide,n'hesitez pas à demander Bon jeu
  10. To "bones1014" I'm not "nuts" as you said and please stay polite,thanks. If you did read all my answer you will see that i point out that it's just a trick and nothing to be compared. ATM the module is not finished,and i maintain that you are able to play with 2850 rpm and 8 boost in continue. That setting gives you the most stable play.It's the answer of the thread object,not a new polemic starting. Even if it's the climb configuration. i don't care about all significants settings,because the module is not yet completed. no need to insult people to be smart on a forum good game
  11. Do you know what it means "fuselage opposition"? It's the best way when you are too fast on approach. quite easy good game
  12. Once more a thread about something difficult to manage because of missing real things compared with what is modeled in game. Aerology. That is the point between real and simulated. As it's not featured apart some weather presetted,something has been done to give illusion of unstability. But as we have to play with that something is coded to make the game playable. You wil remark and all the more on warbirds the most of time ,that exists a config RPM /PA/ trim that gives the module stable. On Mosquito use 2850 RPM and 8 boost and you will see the stuff becoming gentle and easy to manage. At the same time you will hear engines sounds change. It's just a trick and nothing to compare with the real things.It's useless good game
  13. Between 100 to 110 i said and it's not mandatory just have you to adapt from circomstancies. You forgotten the bit of engine/throttle to maintain level of flight:) Even if you are playing on a computer the things in simulator are not also systemics than you are thinking. We have to thanks the autors/devs who made something a little bit random. I did something like that below after 30 minutes of training: Players are always requesting something more real. OK?:) In real flight nothing is written definitly.With that in your mind maybe you could be understanding what is fly . And if the devs trying to make the same feeling as real flight don't be surprised if it's a little bit difficult. Practice is your friend
  14. General technic is the same as usual: Approach at 120mph or above maintain 110/120 mph with a bit of engine trim down at touch down 100/110 mph push a bit forward. Compare with a real thing is useless we are in a game and aeroligy is not implemented at all. With more practice you will be able to do it,and stop to wait for a patch or something like that ,which give you ability, Do it yourself. Before waiting for a shock absorber patch we need a lot of priority fixes more importants. Good game:)
  15. Try to practice more:) It's possible to land on wheels front with tail up without any problem good game
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