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  1. But the F-15 And F/A-18 HUD's aren't on an F-14.
  2. The Su-27's wings have been flexing for a long time.
  3. Why would it be out of scope? If it can be corrected, it should. If it can't or doesn't need to be then so be it. But my impression of ED is they strive for realism/accuracy where they can so why wouldn't that apply here?
  4. I've always wondered why it's like that and doesnt just show the actual AoA in degrees. Anyone know?
  5. Just on point 3, the throttle does need to be in idle for it to start.
  6. Not just in the F-15. It's also affecting the Su-27 and presumably everything else that uses that type of gun sight. And after a bit of testing and mucking around I pretty much came to the same conclusion as the OP. Hopefully this will get fixed up soon.
  7. Pretty sure chaff just creates a chance to miss in DCS. It doesn't function as you would expect it to in the real world.
  8. How bad is high ping with the new anti-lag system? I know that in the past it often resulted in massive warping/rubber banding, but how bad are the effects of lag now? If they prove to be far less severe would you consider raising the ping limit? As it is now, I can't participate in blue flag because of the ping limit. I was able to take part in one of the early runs and it was a blast! And I'm holding out hope that one day I can take part again.
  9. The fighter - fighter capability for starters. E-E is the war that was referenced in the OP, pK is the probability of kill and netcode is... online connection stuff.
  10. I've noticed an all around drop in missile performance with with the 1.5.4 patch as well. I don't have any hard data to back it up, but in dogfights and BVR practice that I do regularly with my squadron I have been consistently missing shots that previously would have been almost guaranteed hits, and I have been evading missiles that I was convinced were going to hit. It doesn't appear to be just the Russian missiles, but all of the ones I've seen so far. I thought I might have been going crazy, but I'm glad I wasn't the only one to notice.
  11. I'm fairly sure that you need to turn on one at a time using Right Ctrl + Home and Right Alt + Home. Also, make sure to advance the throttle then bring it back to idle before you start it so the throttle in game syncs up with your physical throttle.
  12. Do you not think that an AIM-7M armed F-15C already has the advantage against an R-27R (NOT ER!), R-60 armed MiG-29A in the sim? If we are talking about an R-27ER armed MiG-29 then it is not all that surprising that you are being out ranged. The R-27ER has range capabilities more similar to the AIM-120. What is the actual problem here? I mean, yes the AIM-7 under performs, but so does every missile in the game.
  13. Since we are using the Gulf War as our real world reference to F-15's vs MiG-29's, are you comparing an AIM-7 armed F-15C with an R-27R, R-60 armed MiG-29A, or a MiG-29S with an unrestricted armament (i.e. R-73, R-77, R-27ER/ET)? Because against a MiG-29A armed with R-60's and R-27's I would argue that an AIM-7, AIM-9M armed F-15C is indeed superior in the game.
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