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  1. Yes SGSS kill FPS, about 15/20 less than SSAA with my spec, and honestly, I don't see any visual difference between them.
  2. Thanks, as long as there is an MSAA setting in-game, SuperSampling and MFAA should work, and this is the case in DCS. Great visual and performance, even with the Tomcat. In-game SSAA is a true frame killer, not the Nvidia one. Go figure :dunno:
  3. There is a better option if you want to eliminate jaggies -wich i don't like-, and it cost less than the built-in game SSAA (even less than MSAAx4) and look better: the Nvidia SuperSampling. Set it like this: In game, MSAAx2, SSAA OFF %5Bimg%5Dhttps%3A//i.ibb.co/3BpGBkm/Screen-190311-222046.jpg[/img] then go in Nvidia Inspector, and: -IMPORTANT- MFAA: ON Transparency Supersampling: 2x Supersampling %5Bimg%5Dhttps%3A//i.ibb.co/bFKgz0Y/Capture.jpg[/img] Enjoy great visual with good performance. If you want to use x4 Transparency Supersampling, you have to choose MSAA x4 in-game.
  4. External F2 view is set at 60° by default, you can verify your FOV level while in cockpit by pressing RCTRL+pause twice, and adjust him with numpad +/- (i believe, not on my PC now) or edit the snapview.lua in the Saved Games directory. But with this FOV, say goodbye to situational awareness and sense of speed...
  5. SSAO, do you mean ambiant occlusion? Don't know where you find this, but this setting may be incompatible with deffered shading.
  6. Nope, this is normal. ED disabled SSAA setting for resolution above 1080p, or maybe 1440p, can't remember. Keep in mind that SSAA is a "brut" antialiasing method, basically it you choose 2x, it will render the image at 2x your native resolution, you have a 4K monitor, do the math, your graphic card will have a hard time. Maybe the better solution for you is to enable FXAA through Nvidia Control Panel (a bit blurry but almost no performance hit) or try the SMAA injector with Reshade https://reshade.me, wich is not that bad.
  7. MSAA X4 and SSAA X2 are way too much for a GTX1070. Disable SSAA, and set MSAA at X2, you should be fine.
  8. Compilation of flights with the french Flying Skulls group http://flying-skulls.forumactif.com/ and DCS World Team Francophone https://www.facebook.com/groups/1532782243425019/
  9. Arf parler du plus beau delta au monde comme cela, pffff :) Nous viendrons très certainement y faire un tour, au plaisir!
  10. F16. Razbam was the first 3rd party to implement fly by wire with the Mirage, and CptSmiley has done the high fidelity FM for...F16 back in 2012... https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=95985
  11. Une chose facile á tester est de faire un vol avec les modules gratuits inclus avec DCS, essaye par exemple le Su25T, et regarde si il se produit la même chose. Ça sent le potentiomètre défectueux ou un doublon dans l'assignation des axes.
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