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  1. Проблема задокументирована, проверена, будет решаться. Находится в списке задач, остается в списке TODO, в ближайшее время в работу не возьмем.
  2. Yes, there is still no trial for Mosquito. We haven't forgotten about it. It's not added to the trial on purpose. It will be added to trial program during Autumn. There are a lot of videos and reviews for Mosquito to make the decision. And if you are still unsure we will provide the possibility to try it later on.
  3. Official statement of implementation for DLSS. Dear Customers, Thank you for all the comments and thoughts written in this thread about the topic and your care and support of DCS. We made a first look at the technology and tried it with DCS. We didn't expect it to work out of the box and we will look at the possibility to use it later. Please always have in mind that any new approach or technology delivered by graphic cards manufacturers are tried by Eagle Dynamics development team and we always stay on top of such topics to improve and extend Eagle Dynamics Graphic Engine. Sincerely, Chief Operating Officer Kate Perederko
  4. В планах пока нет, но в какой-то момент поддерживать скорее всего будем. Пока будем наблюдать.
  5. Dear All, Join the stream with ED Mi-24P project manager Alex Podvoisky. You'll get the answers about main and hot questions about the project.
  6. Dear All, As soon as I will be ready to share with you the roadmap, I will. Right now we finalising a not easy year for everyone. We do have plans for 2021. Sincerely, Chief Operational Officer Kate Perederko
  7. Dear All, I would like to stop the speculations about 262. It is not in development at the moment. I do not want to tell you which aircraft will be started after Mosquito. Right now we focused on Mosquito and we want to make at high level. Sincerely, Kate Perederko Chief Operational Officer
  8. Thank you for your questions! We use WebRTC as a base solution. DCS Voice Chat works out of the box, so users don't need to install anything to get voice communications within DCS World. We don't plan to restrict usage of any external solution that are already available or will be developed. However, we have our own as a component for DCS World. It's up to users to use the solution they want and they are comfortable with. ED do not plan to provide access to any external software to DCS Voice Chat at the moment. We might consider such possibility later on. We are always open for cooperation.
  9. Tasks will receive statuses as soon as work will be started.
  10. The bug was fixed with yesterday's Open Beta version.
  11. All bugs or issues or improvements related to weapon systems are a bit different topic and has it's own pipeline.
  12. It's not related to Hornet only. This bug will be taken into consideration for development during summer time. However, I cannot say that we will definitely fix it this summer. We will have a special session to review bugs for DCS Core and work with the priorities.
  13. I would prefer to discuss the Mission planning tool as a separate thread and focus on it so the ideas are not lost. We want to incorporate the efforts that were already done by 3rd parties and refactor it together to prepare the best possible tools for all aircraft.
  14. The videos about coming today features were posted for you by Matt: https://www.youtube.com/user/wagmatt/videos
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