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  1. Hey Basco, not checked here for a while. Yes mate I'm doing okay....except for a torn rotator cuff in my left shoulder, hence the lack of skins recently. Word to the wise: If you are slinging a sack of gravel over your shoulder and you realise you seriously misjudged the weight, make sure your hands obey your brains message to let go. Your shoulders/arms will thank you. Mine were a bit slow! I hope to get back to skinning soon. Hope all is well with you and yours.
  2. Four Korean War Sabre's that I did for the Hornet Productions DCS Movie "Gabby". They have been sitting on my PC since September 2020 so I thought it was time they were shared. I have sent them to User Files so should be up soon. F-86A 4thFW flown by Glenn Eagleston F-86A 4thFW flown by James Jabara F-86A 4thFW flown by Gabby Gabreski during his first Korean War tour F-86E flown by Gabreski during his second Korean War tour as C.O. of the 51stFW
  3. I created these skins back in late 2020 for the Hornet Productions DCS movie "Gabby". I thought I'd finally share them. The absence of upper wing insignia is deliberate as the NKAF followed Soviet practice and did not apply insignia in this location. Up now at User Files. "Mikhin-1998" 518th IAP "Zameskin-263" 878th IAP "Fedorets-393" 913th IAP "Shkodin-03" 147th IAP
  4. I have re-released an updated version of "Desert Rats" 21stFBW. It can be found here: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3322676/
  5. I see what you mean now Buzzer1977. I got myself into a flat spin and and tried the usual stick forwards & fulll rudder.....it did not end well.
  6. Mapped the brake to the left rudder toe pedal and put a curve on it, can now take off without everyone on the airfield pointing and laughing, thanks chaps.
  7. Engine thrust came to me after I posted and I haven't had chance to try it yet, I'll try remapping to rudder pedal. Thanks chaps.
  8. So far I have used the tried and trusted: forward stick, turn rudder into the spin. Seems to recover well.
  9. Hugely impressed with so far. Thanks very much. But I'm a bit puzzled as to how to manouver this amazing aircraft on the ground? I was expecting differential braking I map to my pedals, but it appears not to be. I am using a combination of brake, stick, rudder and swearing at the moment, so I think I've missed something. Anyone assist? As my taxy's and take off's are bloody awful at the moment.
  10. Glad you liked it. I will get around to it but can't just yet as i made a deal with the Devil....well, the Mrs actually, but its much the same thing, that I would do some decorating after I had finished the last skin for the competition and she is now demanding her due!
  11. No problem Reflected. I'm pleased, and relieved, that you took my comments in the good spirit with which they were intended. I'm still impressed with how you changed the default code letter style!
  12. Well, good Lord! I don't have to go grovelling to the Evil One for permission to buy now. Very gratifying. Thank you. Well done to all who took part. Some real talent out there.....so lets see more P-47's on User Files chaps.
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