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  1. I just noticed on the ED shop most stuff wasn't on sale for me. Seems to have been a minor and temporary server error.
  2. I think a lot of us are of the same mind. I certainly am to a degree.
  3. All three are very intuitive. In my experience, Hornet and JF are the most, but as you can see there's a lot who disagree.
  4. Okay, thanks for correcting me on that one, at least. Still, could it be a side effect of it making those adjustments? Just throwing things at the wall.
  5. It's been a while since I've read anything on the minutia of the Farmer series. I seem to recall that, due to bad PIO in testing, the MiG-19 did have some kind of mechanical or passive means of dampening inputs. It could be part of the ARU-2V FCS.
  6. From what I've found, a two ship formation is the minimum size of an air patrol. As to be expected. Nothing terribly strange to be found here.
  7. There are some cases where I agree, like trigger covers. However, it's no different than any learning curve in any other genre. Simulators always present a challenge and require you to learn. It's no different than picking up on the nuances of a boomer shooter's physics or sussing out what units are your best in a strategy game.
  8. Then why would a singular injection of cash or even subscription make a dent in that case? Keep tilting at that windmill, though.
  9. Hiromachi can correct me on this. I suspect he has better materials than I. I'd imagine: You're looking at the very precipice of this more modern generation of MiG-21 which includes the bis. MiG-21S and MiG-21M come to mind. So, two pairs of R-3S's would be the load out I'd believe you'd run into if patrols bumped into each other. If it's a longer range patrol, it'd be of course the triple tank with a single pair of R-3S's. The bis' performance isn't too far above that kind of MiG-21, too. Provided you don't take into account the emergency reheat where you do get a significant boost of power. But, you're also using the Tiger II, so you've got a significant power bump over the wimpy little A. Balances out a bit? If your fictional scenario grows into a greater conflagration (more than one mission), I'd expect -21 operations to prefer rockets in ground attack as opposed to bombs as the Soviets seemed to love their rocketry from what I've read and found. I can try to find more about numbers of aircraft in a flight, if you'd like.
  10. I did. Did you read mine? Did you read others? Did you read where others have stated that it would have a meaningless impact given the money the proposed charge would bring in? Or the part where the subscription would have to be quite a bit more? Did you read where ED has stated they've no plans for this and they prefer their current model? And the core hasn't changed since LOMAC? There sure is a lot of code left over that could definitely stand to be disposed of and assets that need be updated, but we're getting AI revamps. We've seen map updates, fixes, new systems, and quite a bit more. That's a negativity bias if I've ever seen one. Some of the things are frustrating, there's no denying that. There's absolutely no denying that ED has some really bad priorities on what gets developed and what gets backburnered. You'll not hear me deny that. That'd be absolutely crazy. But, this is not an issue of resources but more an issue of priorities. By that token, what will more money going in really accomplish? Not much. It also sets a bad precedent, it tells the company they can squeeze more money out of consumers. Given that ED tries to appeal to a global market in which it has to address very disparate levels of disposable income across its customer base, it says to consumers in markets with tighter margins on their hobby cash that they demand a premium that could very well be seen as way too much. A pro subscription is not a good idea. For anyone. Let's throw all of the nice new stuff on a new branch or as an option that non-subscribers can't use. Even ones like me who own most of the content which I was lead to believe pays for their development in addition to money coming in from their government contracts. So, the people forking over the cash can enjoy buggy, incomplete features. Features that could even break the game, for subscribers and non-subscribers alike since we all play on the beta branch anyways. And, that's more software management that have to do, more coding they have to do, more work they have to do, and all to get a few thousand more annually? That won't really get you more coders to make a dent in what is desired to be done and this is all done at the risk of alienating the majority of the player base since the majority has made it quite clear how they feel on the subject. All that's left is for this thread to get locked, tbh. Then wait 2 months for the next one and watch the literal same conclusion be arrived at. A conclusion that, honestly, doesn't really matter since ED's made it pretty clear their position.
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